Veronica Ngo Is Missing An Egg In The New Trailer For NGAY NAY NGAY NAY: THE LOST DRAGON

Director Cuong Ngo saw some good times late last year at the third annual Ha Noi International Film Festival where he screened his most recent female-centric actioner, Huong Ga (Rise). Nowadays though, he's taking on a much different tone with actress Veronica Ngo now stepping into a pair of producer shoes for her latest role in the fantasy rom-com adventure, Ngay Nay Ngay Nay: The Lost Dragon.

Ngo is joined by actress Le Khanh in a story centered on two women from a far away planet who arrive on Earth and are forced to blend in with the local circus while in search of a mystical lost egg and its contents before it falls in the hands of unrelenting evil. You can guess one is quite keen on sappy romance and comedy more than anything with loads of fluff and CGI to whet the visual appetite, so, aside from the high wire spectacle and fantasy flare, if you're coming in this expecting to see Ngo return to her favorable screenfighting fervor in films like Once Upon A Time In Vietnam (2013), or even earlier hits like The Rebel (2006) and Clash (2009) with the likels leading man of action Johnny Tri Nguyen, you might be disappointed.

At any rate, a full trailer is now online following its teaser back in December, and it's English-subbed, so feel free to absorb this anyway you see fit. Kids might enjoy it more, sooo...yeah. Take the kids. 


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