Green Lantern? Ask me anything about movies other than this, because I know very little of the mythology behind the character off the top of my head. But, with the property now poised for a potential inclusion in Warner Bros.'s currently brewing DC movieverse between 2017 and 2020, actor and musician Tyrese Gibson is now fastracking his own campaign to claim the lead role.

The most recent live-action portrayal came from actor Ryan Renyolds in a 2011 adaptation that ultimately flopped, which is probably a good thing considering he should have already been filming Deadpool by then at least. Me? Well, I enjoy spectacle as much as anyone and I actually thought the studio would ultimately make its money back, so now that we already know that's not the case and a rebooted take on the role is imminent, perhaps Gibson has a shot, and you know what? I approve.

Gibson has plenty of momentum with the popularity he's gained from roles in blockbuster franchises in the Transformers and Fast And Furious franchises. Point in fact, the first film in which he caught my attention was helmer Vondie Curtis-Hall's 2006 crime thriller, Waist Deep, which was panned by some critics even though I enjoyed it myself; if anything, it helped introduce a new actor to pay attention to, and gladly, movie goers have taken notice.

To be frank, Gibson had me laughing during my viewing of Fast And Furious 6 in 2013, but in an assuredly good way; Nowadays, I largely find supporting comedy relief roles a thing to be weary of, because if I'm not laughing much amid the thrills, chances are I'll be as annoyed as I was while watching T.J. Miller failing in Transformers: Age Of Extinction (and for the record, that's not Miller's fault at all as it comes down to shitty, lazy writing). With Gibson though, it was very much the opposite, and aside from absolutely loving the Fast And Furious franchise, Gibson's acting as well as his caliber as a social media powerhouse make him a definitive contender for a lead superhero role.

So there I am, on the record. I approve and support Gibson's push to be the next Green Lantern, and I sincerely hope Warner Bros. heeds to this. No doubt that they'll certainly look into their own choices, although I ask humbly that they not only consider him, but also consider choosing him as well. Who knows? The right director, coupled with Gibson passion for the character could very well do for Green Lantern what Zack Snyder is very well about to do with his involvement on the DC movie slate.

We'll learn more in time and hopefully this picks up steam, but comment below and share your reactions if any. And by all means... mark your calendars for April 3, 2015 to catch Gibson in Furious 7 from Universal Pictures.

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  1. I believe Gibson would be an excellent choice as GL. As much as I wanted to like the first with Ryan Reynolds, I just can't. I would definitely be interested in seeing a better story and more character depth than the first; it seemed overblown and over-marketed as the "next big thing." It was an epic fail on that count.


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