Stockwell's KICKBOXER Adds T.J. Storm And Matthew Ziff

Updates are abound now that production is underway for In The Blood helmer John Stockwell's current remake of the 1989 martial arts thriller, Kickboxer. Progress has had its share of stops and starts in the past year or so as a few major names departed from the project this month, but now we're finally getting a grip on what lies ahead for casting thanks to social media.

Actor Matthew Ziff, lately known for his upcoming appearance in the action-packed family drama, The Martial Arts Kid, recently took to Twitter and Instagram to share a few images earlier hinting on a "big" project. That project just so happened to be the upcoming Kickboxer where it just so happens he will be joined by his fellow The Martial Arts Kid co-star, martial artist and actor T.J. Storm (Punisher: War Zone, Black Cobra). There aren't any details yet on what their roles will be, but this should signal fans for some more movement in the coming days.

Previously portrayed by superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme in the 1989 original directed by Mark DiSalle and David Worth, martial artist, stuntman and debut lead actor Alain Moussi (center) inherits the role of Kurt Sloan whose mission to avenge the death of his champion brother, Eric, at the hands of merciless Muay Thai fighter, Tong Po, verges him onto a spiritual path of self-discovery and true strength while undergoing a rigorous training regimen under his late brother's master, Xian Chow. Moussi, Ziff and Storm are joined by actor Dave Batista who began filming his scenes in the role of Tong Po a few days ago according to a recent Facebook post.

Further details await on who will get added and play the roles needed to help shape this latest reimagining of the original film, so stick around!


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