MALEK: Check Out The Electrifying Viral Promo For Martial Arts Star Ramin Sohrab's New Film!

Martial arts action cinema fans can gather 'round now with the latest action-packed promo for a new international thriller in the form of Malek. The film is reportedly in development with no word yet on who will direct while boasting some impressive footage featuring Iranian martial artist and actor Ramin Sohrab in action.

An inspiring martial artist, purveyor of Wushu and traveling performer since childhood, Sohrab trained under his Shaolin-trained father, actor and martial arts star, Alireza Sohrab for a time before relocating to Finland, followed by a path that would evidently see Sohrab take off and into martial arts stardom. Having already done quite a handful of work for the stage and screen, it appears Sohrab's career is about to pay off with a few more projects now lined up, and with Malek hopefully on the way, Sohrab is ready to demand the world to start paying attention.

Watch the promo for Malek below, and don't blink!

H/T: Twitchfilm


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