CYBORG X: Watch The Trailer Starring Danny Trejo And Help Crowdfund Post-Production!

How obvious can an action film be when casting actor and cult genre fave Danny Trejo? Well, here to answer that question is writer, producer and director Kevin King, now on his way with a new crowdfunder to help complete post-production of his latest film, Cyborg X, and not for nothing either!

The two previously worked on King's action horror feature debut, Zombie Hunter, and have since reunited for Cyborg X with a cast that pits Trejo starring as none other than "Captan Machine Gun" (my gawd) and our actors as mankind's last hope when a computer virus corrupts the system of a radical weapons manufacturer. Sounds sexy right? Well, with principal photography on the film fully complete, there's a trailer now being hosted exclusively on the film's Kickstarter page where you can learn more about the project and what you can earn in exchange for your generous donations.

Think of it as a love-letter to the cyber punk cinema thrills of the 90's, chock-filled with cheesy CGI and perpetual action with massive firepower and gore, slit throats and severed torsos, and Trejo's appearance as a reminder that some filmmakers still give a fuck about the action genre.

Watch the trailer, visit the Kickstarter page and feel free to donate. You're welcome.

"Captain Machine Gun" eh? Sold.


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