Bueno's New Short, YAKUZAMBIE Will Rip Your Arm Off And Take Your Watch!

Gun Caliber star and director, Garage Hero's own Bueno has been hard at work lately with a new project stemming from his time at YouTube's House Of Horrors in the last few months. That very project began showing signs of life a short while back with a teaser for Yakuzambie, throwing back to the glory days of grindhouse horror and stylish action with actress Seikiguchi Aimi and actor Kimura Keisaku leading the way.

This week, that concept has since arrived in the form of a five minute trailer now available online. Sure, it's only a shortfilm trailer, but it's fun as hell to watch, chock-full of sexual innuendo and host an amalgam of dazzling buckets of body parts, gore and stylish action - sexy kunoichi attacks and mafia kicks aiming straight toward the niche it was meant for...as well as your face. So, no. You won't be disappointed. Just entertained as all hell.

When the daughter of a late Yakuza Boss inherits her father's mansion, she decides to seduce his right hand man as her own personal sex slave. However, their lustful acts are interrupted...by the UNDEAD!
Check it out below and subscribe to the channel, and if you're interested, feel free to browse Sekiguchi's cahnnel as well by CLICKING HERE!


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