Watch A Full Half-Hour Behind-The-Scenes Look At Maori Martial Arts Action Epic, THE DEAD LANDS

While filmmaker and popular stage director Toa Fraser is on his way with the forthcoming production of his new hostage thriller, 6 Days, his latest completed project is already paving the way for filmgoers to get a glimpse of an ancient era of Maori culture, now in the form of the new period action epic, The Dead Lands. The film is out this week in New Zealand with pending releases in other territories worldwide, and based on the reviews now published at various media sites, it's pretty easy to conclude this as one of the best received films as of late, on top of being an Oscar contender for next year.

With that in mind, New Zealand TV program Waka Huia unveiled a half hour special discussing the film's development and pre-production, with specific focus on the training regime of the cast, the intricate and true-to-origin design in costumes and weapons, ancient Maori dialect, and the martial arts action choreography to boot. Actress Raukura Turei, and actors Te Kohe Tuhaka, Wairangi Koopu, and co-stars, script translator Te Manahau "Scotty" Morrisson and Mau Rakau expert Jamus Webster, and co-producer Tainui Stephens all provide their insight throughout the program which is now available on YouTube just below.

Directed by Fraser with a script by Glenn Standing, The Dead Lands stars lead actor James Rolleston as a chieftain's young son whose people are nearly slaughtered by an enemy tribe, sending him on a coming-of-age journey to a forbidden land to forge a reluctant partnership with a mysterious warrior in order to avenge his people and bring peace to their souls. Magnet Releasing has North American distribution rights for 2015.


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