Watch The Full Five-Episode Season Of NIGHTWING: THE SERIES!

The fifth and final episode of this season for Nightwing: The Series aired on Monday following a five-week run beginning in September. Created by lead actor Danny Shepherd and directed by Adam Zielinski, the series pits our main hero at the forefront of Bludhaven's latest threat, Deathstroke, while dealing with internal turmoil among friends past and present, as well as his own pride as a post-Batman standalone crimefighter.

Monday's fifth episode foresaw the climatic battle between Nightwing and Deathstroke, and soon enough, a new vigilante would emerge... but who is he? And what is he doing in Bludhaven? Well, now is your chance to find out in case you missed any of the episodes, which are now available in playlist form on YouTube.

Shepherd is joined by Lenna Karacostas, Lance BrazilBob DysingerScott KinworthyNoel SchefflinStephen Manley, and Michael Tylo.


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