Two Centuries Of History Set The Tone For New Martial Arts Doc, PAPA MACHETE

History can be pretty boundless, as well as beneficial, especially when covering martial arts and the cultures that exist around them. That said, 2015 became a banner year for Miami-based filmmaker Jonathan David Kane whose latest shortfilm documentary, Papa Machete, finally got an audience last month in Toronto.

Covering the indigenous art of Tire machet, Papa Machete is a debut project for Kane and production company Third Horizon Media, in conjunction with The Haitian Machete Fencing Project, founded in 2004 under the tutelage of Haitian farmer Alfred Avril. The story is told through Avril's eyes as he happens to be one of the last remaining masters and professors of the style. Thankfully, the new shortfilm also came with the good graces of a fully funded Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, not only helping to finance post production, but also to help Avril and his family, rendered homeless and living in a shoddy tent following the devastating earthquake in 2010.
200 years ago, the slaves of Haiti defeated Napoleon's armies in the historic revolution of 1791-1804. One of their weapons was the very tool they used to work the land: the machete. Papa Machete explores the esoteric martial art that evolved through this victory through the practice and life of a farmer named Alfred Avril. The short film documents his proud devotion to his heritage in the face of bitter poverty, and his efforts to keep this mysterious art alive.
There's no word yet on which festivals it will go to after this, if any, but Papa Machete does have plenty of info at its official website where you may learn more about what this documentary has to offer. In the meantime, watch the teaser below!


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