Tons More Promo Art Galore For KUNG FU JUNGLE!

Not that these are necessary really, but promotional pictures are always nice to see, and those for Teddy Chen's most recent London film festival success story, Kung Fu Jungle, is no exception.

The film stars martial arts action hero Donnie Yen as one of the most trusted members of the martial arts community, sent to prison for killing an opponent only to be summoned at the behest of the police when a serial killer targets a number martial artists in the city. Deadly shapes between fighters on opposite sides of the martial code collide in this newest thriller which opens at the end of this week in Hong Kong and China. Charlie Yeung and Wang Baoqiang also star, along with Michelle Bai, Shi Yanneng, Fan Siu-Wong and many more.

Check out the artwork and photos below!


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