Get Dropkicked And Blown Away In The New Teaser For VIGILANTE DIARIES!

The last few years have been busy, but good to director Christian Sesma following his intial attempt at a exclusive webseries production slate for Vigilante Diaries once upon a time. Fast forward to now in late 2014, where our dear filmmaker has successfully extrapolated the material for a fully-fledged feature-length action-packed spectacle now set for 2015, and to say the least, the new teaser trailer delivers with gusto!

Based on the graphic novel web series, VIGILANTE DIARIES the feature film, explodes with a genre bending, action packed ride following documentary filmmaker Mike Hanover (Jason Mewes) as he and a badass team of mercs, led by Wolfman (Quinton Rampage Jackson) go off to find the infamous Vigilante (Paul Sloan), now missing for the past 7 months. But an Armenian mob boss out for revenge will stop at nothing to prevent the Vigilante’s return as Mr. Moreau (Michael Madsen) a mysterious operative, pulls strings we cannot yet see.
Co-creator and lead actor Paul Sloan is joined by the incorrigible Jason Mewes, in addition to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, original series actor Kevin L. Walker, actors Chavo Guerrero, Michael Madsen and Mike Hatton, and actresses Jessica Uberuaga and Chasty Ballesteros and many more.

Watch the teaser below and stick around!


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