Director R.L. Scott Announces Special Ops Series Pilot, OPTION ZERO

Filmmaker R.L. Scott is proudly announcing his latest shortfilm, one in a handful of projects currently in development for his indie platform, Shadow Motion Pictures. Newly wrapping just this week after a two-month shooting schedule, post-production is officially underway for Option Zero, a half-hour pilot for a hopeful action packed series surrounding a special ops team tasked with taking down high-ranking members of the Russian mob.

Actor Adolfo "Shabba Doo" Quinones (Breakin, Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo) plays the special ops team leader in charge of the mission. Also joining are actors Chris Conrad (Criminal Minds), Christian Howard (Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, Green Street 3) and Eliver Ling (Deadliest Warrior), and actress Amy Johnston (Raze). Scott is producing the pilot with a script by Ling who is also executive producing, with Alfred Hsing (Dragon Blade) serving as the pilot's action coordinator.

Scott is best known for his 2008 action feature, Champion Road and its 2010 sequel, in addition to several original webseries projects including Kill Point and Fixer. He's proven to have an effective approach to combining intense drama with electrifying action on his projects, an approach he guarantees will also showcase just the right balance between the two, with even more prolific martial arts action involving Howard and other key actors.

The director also has a few other feature films and series projects in store, including upcoming crime thriller, Call Me King now poised for a hopeful early 2015 release, and the current development of a slate of One-Shot episodes leading into the live-action production of the superhero property, The Almighty Street Team.

The news is still early but we may learn more between now and the top of the new year, so watch out for more news ahead.


  1. YES! More scripts for my Brother, Shabba Doo. Enjoying the resurgence, and growth of your presence!


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