Check Out These Cool Test Fight Shorts Now Online!

In the sprit of keeping up with independent action, at least four new test fights are now available for viewing in the embeds below. As always, feel free to subscribe to their respective channels!

The first one comes from Bryan Sloyer, an actor and stuntman who I've been covering for about a year now. He's gotten a little sharper with the camera and his editing ever since, and it also helps that he's getting a bit more creative in the process. His latest is called Shadow Fighter, with actress and stuntwoman Amy Sturdivant in a performance that illustrates the psyche of a fighter in training. Stunt player Jerry Quill plays her shadow, and its pretty slick!

The next one comes from indie auteur Emmanuel Manzanares - someone who I've covered in articles aplenty in the past few years, mingling with who's who in the stunt industry between his own team, LBP Stunts Chicago, and others from around U.S. and Canada. This past week saw the unveiling of his latest gem featuring performances by Gui DaSilva and Natalie Padilla, based on a DaSilva's own concept. It's got the usual exhilirating action, and maybe a little comedy...well, if only for the fact that having to brawl with a chick who breaks into my home to try and kill me would be a just a bit stressful (personally I'd rather have breakfast in bed). Check it out!

Up next is the newest from a couple of cool folks in Canada who I've covered a few times, and this one is a bit more celebratory. It features Eclipse Stunts' own Alex Chung and stuntwoman Wei-Hsin Lee, just off of recovering from a knee injury and subsequent surgery earlier this year. The first short I shared with Lee was last year's sequel short, Hallowed 2 by Eclipse Stunts. She's fun to watch and even more fun to see Chung doing his thing, and he's someone you definitely want to keep an eye out for, and his upcoming sequel to this little jewel should serve as an awesome reason why. Other than that, let's watch these two crazy kids go at it!

Last but not least, indie filmmaker Jeff Centauri's latest, Pinoy Rivals, is one of a many test fights and shorts he's been working on while working the film scene in the Philippines. The new video features performances by Eulver Presto and Evangelista Noe, both talented screenfighters and up-and-comers who deserve a shot, and I certainly hope to see these guys prosper in the months and years ahead; As a noteworthy mention, Centauri just finished working on actor Robin Padilla's upcoming period actioner, Bonifacio: The First President, which is expected to be completed in time for the Metro Manila Film Festival, so keep your eyes peeled on that. Otherwise, enjoy the clip!


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