Charlie Hunnam In Training For Thai Prison Fight Drama, A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN

Sons Of Anarchy star, actor Charlie Hunnam is preparing to show off his Muay Thai chops according to a new report from ScreenDaily with news on the pending production of A Prayer Before Dawn. The news comes as one in a batch of recent casting headlines in the last several months which also include a potential lead role in Guy Ritchie's forthcoming King Arthur film saga and the recently-announced Pacific Rim 2.

Seniorita Films and Hurricane Films are producing the new thriller for Hunnam, now training in Muay Thai to portray the role of Billy Moore who originally unveiled his story in a Maverick House publication back in March. The book synopsis itself reads as follows:
A Prayer Before Dawn: A Nightmare in Thailand is the true story of one man's fight for survival inside Klong Prem Prison, the notorious "Bangkok Hilton". Billy Moore travelled to Thailand to escape a life of drug addiction and alcoholism, but relapsed after trying ya ba - a highly-addictive form of methamphetamine. Moore's life descended into chaos, drug dealing and violence in Thailand until he was imprisoned in Klong Prem, a place where life has no value. This is no ordinary prison memoir; it's the story of one man's struggle to survive.
The film is also pushing a little extra for authenticity on top of Hunnam's training with Jean-Stephane Sauvaire in the director's chair; casting details are pending as things stand, although it is currently being said the cast may include former inmates who were once Muay Thai champions themselves. In addition, Nick Saltrese's screenplay will illustrate that of a crossover in genres towing the line between Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive and Gareth Huw Evans's The Raid, which could grant this prison thriller something healthily balanced and promising on top of being an enthralling drama. That said, leave it to Sauvaire in his own words to offer a bit more insight. “A Prayer Before Dawn is - at one and the same time - a true story, a prison drama, a survival movie, a desperate love story and an extraordinary tale of redemption." he says. "Above all, it is a poignant and uniquely human story.”.

Sales agent HanWay will be on hand at the American Film Market in Santa Monica next month to sell the film for territorial gain before commensing principal photography next summer. Stay tuned for more info.


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