Watch The Trailer For Chong Seung-Hyun's Shortfilm Debut, STEH AUF (GET UP)

The 2014 film festival circuit has been and continues to be nothing short of an adventure for actor, writer, producer and director Chong Seung-hyun in lieu of his newest shortfilm, Steh Auf (Get Up). The project is undoubtedly bringing Chong his fair share of accolades, since winning over folks at the Asians On Film Festival back in April, presenting his debut in the form of an all-too real, and likely touching, coming-of-age underdog story about a young man whose seemingly unorthodox path toward boxing is mired by the constant stigma of his mixed heritage.

Tae-shik is a 26-years old Korean-German. Despite his Korean upbringing, he cannot quite identify himself as the Korean that his parents had in mind for him. He feels adrift in turmoil, struggling to find his own identity between the two different cultures of Korea and Germany. Nonetheless, he has one thing that brings him passion for life: boxing.
The shortfilm is now slated to make its next premiere at the U.S. Navy Memorial on October 2 as part of the line-up for this year's Asian Pacific American Film Festival. Check out the trailer below and subscribe to the official Facebook page to lend your support for the new project.


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