Dan Stevens Gets In A Bar Fight And Wins In A New Clip From THE GUEST

Director Adam Wingard's newest thriller, The Guest, is set to make its appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday and Sunday - September 13 and 14, respectively - before releasing theatrically in the U.S. on September 17. Having already earned the approval of many observers in the film festival circuit this year, it's easy to see why it looks so appealing, especially if you've seen Wingard's previous work on the 2013 horror thriller, You're Next.

This time around, actor Dan Stevens takes center stage as a soldier on leave who finds himself in the welcome arms of a family of a fallen comrade, only for suspicion and mayhem to arise when the daughter suspects him for the deaths that are occuring in town. And this week, Digital Spy is offering a touch of that anarchy in a newly released bar room brawl clip from the film with Stevens schooling few young troublemakers in the only way he knows best!

Watch the clip below and check your local theater listings!


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