Arcade Killers Presents: MR. & MRS. PANOUVIC

If anything, 2014 has been another great year foreseeing the continued legacy of online independent action. This time, we pan over to independent filmmakers and multifaceted stunt performers Jay Kim, and husband/wife duo Slobo and Duy Panouvic - three members of their newly established team, Arcade Killers.

The team recently launched their new experimental test fight short, Mr. & Mrs. Panouvic - slightly more dark in its comedic delivery and very much sillier in its reminiscence of a similar 2005 action flick with stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; If anything though, it's a nice little sampling for what may lie ahead in the coming and weeks and months following the team's launch in May in Cape Town, South Africa.

Arcade Killers has since based themselves in their new home in Germany following their sponsorship by the South Africa branch of the popular sportswear company, New Balance. The team has many more members in its group, a number of which you can now learn about via their official Facebook page by CLICKING HERE.

In the meantime, let this be a lesson on interrupting a wife and her cooking... Bon Appétit!


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