The New Poster And Trailer For BARAKTI Blends Modern Action Adventure With Period Epic Thrills

February was the last mostly anyone of us heard on the forthcoming release of director Monty Tiwa's new film, Barakati.

While the previous teaser illustrated a graphic-novel style to its first offering of what Indonesian moviegoers and Asian cinema fans can expect, not much was largely yet known about the project except for its cast and crew. Although however, one would suspect it was only a matter of time before more info about the film would surface as 2014 rolled on, and so it has, thanks to a newly unveiled synopsis from William Chandra over at Twitchfilm:
Abdul Manan, a young archeologist, embark on a journey to Buton island to unveil the missing history of Gajah Mada, a legendary military leader of Majapahit empire, last day on earth upon his meeting with an english journalist Gerry Johnson who possessed an old scripture.
We also have a brand new trailer that expands more on the film's slightly hybridized look between past and present-tense storytelling, as per screenwriter Eric Tiwa. You can now check that out below.

Directed by Monty Tiwa, singer and actress Acha takes the lead with actors Fedi Nuril, Dwi Sasono, Jonathan Armstrong, and actor Tio Pakusadewo of The Raid 2: Berandal and Guardian fame, and actresses Ninik L. Karim and Ratna Riantiarno rounding out the cast. Barakati is officially dated for a domestic release this October.


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