From L to R: Neyssan Falahi, Adam Lee and Lang Yip of Cinematic Fight Studio
It's not often that I see my own news site get credited in a press release. Point in fact, I had one horror story earlier this year in which I wrote an article promoting a crowdfunder for a shortfilm thay ended up being plagiarized in not one, but two press releases. Since then, I demanded answers and a change to the content, but I never heard back from the person in charge of those press releases. Quite an unpleasant time indeed.

However, this time it's a little different. And needless to say, it feels very gratifying on several levels.

It's been almost two years since I started Film Combat Syndicate and already one group devoted to cinematic action and fight training within the past year during my time has made MANY headlines of their own. The group I am referring to is New York City-based Cinematic Fight Studio, one that landed on my map sometime last year when my friend, stuntman Anthony Pho visited from France to train with them for a few weeks. And since then, co-owners Lang Yip and Adam Lee are maintaining their platform and keeping as busy as possible, providing services to clients looking forward to advancing their skillset in drama with a touch of fight coordination to boot.

The team now have a considerable body of work now available on their YouTube channel via their official website, showcasing what they do best, and now, the team is celebrating their business agenda with a new press release. And of course, the latter part of it is quite humbling!
Cinematic Fight Studio, a place that primarily teaches actors the art of film combat, otherwise known as screen fighting has endured 1 year of open business. Since opening in May of 2013 co-founder, fight choreographer and head instructor Lang Yip has been teaching actors the basics of film combat. "The actors that come in here want to learn because of their interest in taking on action roles" says Adam Lee, co-founder and manager. The process of taking actors through the basics begins with an intensive twelve session program. During their first session, actors are asked to demonstrate any martial arts background they might have. This determines how they can adjust from their practical experience into movements for film and also let's Yip see what he can use to choreograph into their fight scene at the end of their training program. If they do not have any martial arts background what so ever, they are taught the basics of punching and kicking, that way they will be able to use it in the choreography. Since opening, Cinematic Fight Studio has gained some notoriety from the press such the Daily News and The Daily Beast, as well as some bloggers of the screen fighting community such as Film Combat Syndicate and Martial Arts Movie Junkie.
Mr. Yip and Mr. Lee... I approve this message. Carry on!


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