THE BORDERLAND Debuts A Second Explosive Trailer!

You are forgiven if you've completely forgotten about writer and director Mathieu Weschler's latest international action thriller, The Borderland. A trailer debuted back in March of last year billing actor, stuntman and five-time former Karate champion Seydina Baldè (Unleashed a.k.a. Danny The Dog, Punisher: War Zone) in the role of Gabriel, a bounty hunter caught in the throes of North Korean captivity and forced to fight his way out after a rescue mission gone awry.

An exciting premise? Indeed, but the film disappeared off the radar and nothing was seen or heard from publicly ever since, although it is reasonable to believe that the film was busy making the festival rounds in search of buyers. Well, the film is now breathing a sign of life once again with a sizzling new trailer for the film's U.K. release on August 18 courtesy of Signature Entertainment. Further release dates are pending, with Lionsgate/Grindstone expected to release the film in North America later this year.

A bounty hunter, is tasked with a new mission: retrieve a British secret service agent from DMZ. With enemies on all sides, will he complete his mission and make it back across the borderland?
Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for more information as the months follow!



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