It's All Action In The New Trailer For THE LIBERATOR

The new trailer is out for the upcoming action thriller, The Liberator, featuing actor, seasoned martial artist, writer and independent filmmaker Ben Lettieri in his feature debut. It's an indie project and has a bit of cheese to it, but it looks fun to watch so far based on the new action packed footage below, which also happens to feature several key members of the UK-based stunt team, SG Action with team member and co-star Martin Wan.

The film also stars Daniel Jordan, Jessica Bayly and Keith Chanter and is currently still filming with pick-up shots to follow this summer with a release likely for late 2014 or early next year. Keep your eyes peeled and stick around for more updates!

Have you ever felt like life was pushing you aside?  As if your purpose was fulfilled?  Ben Silver did.  Once a British Special Forces soldier, he became the youngest man ever to receive the Victoria Cross for acts of gallantry on the front line.  Ben was honourably discharged, received his 15 minutes and then left to ponder a career in politics.  Sounds like a pretty fulfilling life, right?  Well, not for Ben.  You see, he's not a talking man, he's an action man!  The concept of a life behind a desk just doesn't bode well to an adrenalin junkie with a self confessed addiction for energy drinks.  he knew he had to do something else, but that's not the only reason why.  There's a deeper element to Ben that drives him forward every day, the legacy of his parents.  His father, a former SAS soldier and his mother, a world champion martial artist, were both killed when Ben was 15.  It was during crossfire in South America when trying to help a friend in need.  He now lives in honour of what they died for, risking his life on a daily basis as a secret mercenary for hire in the guise of a private investigator who only helps those in real need.  This brings us to his current case.  Ben's strong morals are tested when he agrees to help the beautiful Melinda Page, a reformed cat burglar, now manager of a respectable museum who has ironically been burgled herself.  He must retrieve a priceless Ming Dynasty vase from the ruthless and eccentric London based con-man/gangster Mr Miller.  With the help of his elderly mentor Dr Nigel Carter and undercover cop Daniel Stevens, all seems almost routine for Ben, except for one small detail, he only has a few hours to get the vase back before it is shipped overseas to black market buyers, never to be seen again.  Not to mention the fact that Miller is not planning on sitting back and just letting Ben do his thing.  Rolf, Ben's arch rival, is hired to take care of him before he can even get close to the vase.  The race and the chase are most definitely on!  Will our courageous hero succeed in his mission, or will his brash actions be outwitted?


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