A Warrior Will Rise In The New Indie Webseries Trailer For THE WAY: FIGHTER'S TWITCH

Independent filmmaker, actor and Jeet Kune Do purveyor Ronny Vega is ready to tackle the second installation of his ambitious new project which delves into the very psyche of what it means to pursue martial arts glory. The second season, The Way: Fighters Twitch, picks up where the finale of the first season for The Way left off with co-star, actor and martial artist Khalil Barnett who also serves as series writer in addition to the new lead actor.

The new trailer for the first episode, "Hair Of The Dog", has gone viral and you can check it out below, in addition to three character posters for the inspired new independent action drama series. Subscribe to the channel and stay tuned for more updates!

The Way: Fighter's Twitch is a martial arts action series that examines the consequences of ego. A warrior's path is no easy journey. And losing one's way can lead to the destruction of the soul and the gratuity of violence. A mysterious organization with power yet unknown uses tactical manipulation, hallucinogenics, and occult forces to exploit the weaknesses and insecurities of fighters, pitting them against each other in illegal battles. But they underestimated a few, and will pay for it.


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