Van Damme Kicks Into Action For Barbarash's Newly-Wrapped POUND OF FLESH

Believe it or not, this is all we are going to get to see until a proper trailer airs for the forthcoming release of director Ernie Barbarash's newest Canadian indie action thriller, Pound Of Flesh. Filmed on-location in Guangdong, China from a script by Joshua James, the film marks Van Damme's third outing with Barbarash since 6 Bullets and the Scott Adkins co-starrer, Assassination Games. The film was announced back in January with Van Damme set to portray an ex-military man on a mission to find the people who left him for dead in a bathub full of ice and stole his kidney-originally intended for the dying daughter of his estranged brother.

Principal photography has already wrapped after a three month shoot that began in March, joining Van Damme with action cinema superstar Darren Shahlavi, as well as John Ralston, Marsha Yuen, Jason Tobin, Andrew Ng and veteran actor Aki Aleong, who previously shared the screen in Van Damme's 1994 tournament adventure, The Quest. The film also features fight choreography by Hong Kong action veteran and regular Donnie Yen collaborator John Salvitti, and vehicular action by acclaimed stunt coordinator, Bruce Law.

Ace Studios’ Henry Luk produced the film with Kirk Shaw for Vancouver-based Odyssey Media who will also distribute the film, in addition to LA-based Automatic Films and China's Chunqiu Time Culture Co.

Salvitti's work can be next seen in the upcoming release of Yen's new film, Kung Fu Jungle/Kung Fu Killer/Last Of The Best (title pending I guess). Meanwhile, Van Damme will also appear in the forthcoming home release of director Keith Parmer's new crime thriller, Swelter this summer.

Barbarash's latest martial arts headliner with Michael Jai White, Falcon Rising (formerly known as Favela) is expected to arrive this Fall.


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