Egos Clash With Steel In The New Shortfilm, PRIDE OF THE SAMURAI

It's not often that independent filmmakers can complete a conceptual short piece right away; a lot of times they're working with several ideas at once with other responsibilities in between. But eventually, things workout, and a concept once put on film finally gets realized and ready to show the world.

Such is the case with indie action director Seshiro Kazama (a.k.a. Shaun Charney) who just unveiled his latest contemplative chanbara short film titled Pride Of The Samurai. This particular project, took a few years to finish, and with this being the first of a four part miniseries, hopefully the other three will be well on their way very soon, and of course, time will tell.

For now, check out Pride Of The Samurai in the embed below, featuring Charney opposite fellow action actor Jimmy Chhiu, with voiceover narration by Charney and actor Rocky Chavez. And if you haven't subscribed to his channel yet, then you would be wise to.

Please? I'll send chocoate. Not really. But still. Chocolate is awesome.



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