Sound The Drums For Battle In A New Behind-The-Scenes Video For KIKAIDER REBOOT

One of the biggest and most important qualities shared by any action movie is how important the score is, as is the case for the post-production of Kikaider Reboot. And this week, fans are getting a kickass earful of Kiyoshi Yoshikawa's amazing score, along with musical director Donald Barrett and his drummers over at Hollywood's own Captiol Studios.

Of course the trick is to watch the video long enough so you won't miss any footage from the film accompanied by some truly badass percussion work. I used to play drums when I was younger, so this was a gem to come across and share with you folks, and I look forward to seeing how this film performs with its score upon release.

Produced by Shinichiro Shinakura, Kikaider Reboot is based on Shotaro Ishinomori's classic TV Asashi series, and releases in Japan on May 24, 2014. If you missed the first official trailer from last month, you can also view it below as well.

H/T: Bueno


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