KITE Flies Into U.S. Distribution

It was back in January that genre fans and filmgoers alike got to see new extended footage pertaining to the upcoming mystery sci-fi action thriller, Kite, starring actress India Eisley and actor Callan McAuliffe, with Samuel L. Jackson's in his latest return to live-action manga/anime storytelling since last year's release of Oldboy.

At the time the film didn't have any distributors after TWC picked the film up for distribution in the summer of last year. This week, that all changed when Anchor Bay finally picked up the film for distribution rights in North America and Canada, finally bringing the film closer to a release date with more promotional material likely to come down the pipeline soon enough.

Loosely based on Yasuomi Umetsu's controversial 1998 original video anime, Ziman's adaptation takes you into a not-too-distant future where terrorism and financial collapse have turned society into a state run by a corrupt police force that also benefits from the trafficking of young homeless girls. Here, we are introduced to Eisley's portrayal of a vengeful young female assassin on a drug-infused, bloodthirsty, self-destructive journey as she is forced to kill specific targets for her late-father's ex-partner, while the defining lines between who she can and should not trust may become too blurred that she can't break free.

Some fans of the original may take issue with certain aspects of this particular film being changed. But the footage does look appealing for anyone craving an action-heavy hardcore R-rated thriller when the film makes its way to theaters later this year.

Check out the extended footage from January below, in addition to a trailer, and stay tuned for more information as it trickles from here on out.

H/T: Deadline


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