Watch David Sakurai Clean House In A New Action-Packed Clip From ECHOES OF A RONIN!

Actor David Sakurai is looking to make 2014 his break out year as another rising action star in the genre with the forthcoming release of his latest shortfilm out of Denmark, Echoes Of A Ronin.

The shortfilm has since begun ramping up promotional efforts with new teaser photos unveiled earlier in December last year, and this week, we now have an exclusive clip, courtesy of Twitchfilm before the its entry into this year's film festival circuit. Katinka Elmin Danielsen, Thomas Chaanhing and Nukaka Coster Waldau round out the main cast, with signature choreography by Ninja 2 action director Tim Man.

The story is set in a contemporary Scandinavian/Asian environment with a universal story about injustice and loss of innocence combined with recognizing ones destiny. 
This is all seen through the eyes of a child and through her experience see how man, despite being protected by morals and a strong code of honor, can be thrown off balance and become overtaken by jealousy, desire, love and revenge. 
The film explores her loss of innocence, the child parent relationship with the ongoing struggle to find balance in life and ultimately, her victory over the traumatic experience.


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