REEL TIME: Mickey Facchinello (2014)

Action fans can expect plenty of surprises this year from independent action filmmaker and rising star in fight choreography, Vlad Rimburg with his latest project putting him on the path to the galaxy far, far away with creator and Force Storm Entertainment frontman, actor and action actor Noah Fleder's currently-developing Star Wars fan series project. Leading the first of the series is an episode titled Dark Betrayal which features an amazing slate of some of the best cinematic action performers to take the internet by storm in recent history, including LBP Stunts Chicago member, action actress and stuntwoman Mickey Facchinello taking the lead in Sith form as you can see in the photo aligned above left.

In addition, to showcase Facchinello's skillset, her latest sampler action and stunt reel just landed online for those of you curious to see what awaits Force Storm Entertainment's latest endeavors. As a highlight, the reel also includes several glimpses of new footage that awaits to emerge from the independent action cinema corner of Facchinello's thriving career. 


Force Storm Entertainment's fundraising campaign is being spearheaded on Indiegogo for the goal of raising $3000 to start with, and there only fifteen days left as of Monday to help get the project off the ground. So, if you like what you see and wish to explore what a touch of Rimburg-style action looks like with lightsabers, share this article and the Indiegogo link to learn how to donate, and about the perks with which you can benefit from your generosity.

And while you're at it, subscribe to Rimburg's YouTube channel. Because when those surprises I spoke of earlier do come, you will want to be here for them!


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