REEL TIME: Amy Johnston (2014)

The martial arts cinema community rallied when word got out that actress and Hollywood stuntwoman Amy Johnston landed a lead role in director Chris Nahon's upcoming international tournament action thriller, Lady Bloodfight. She fought actress Zoë Bell in Josh Waller's new thriller, Raze, and is also slated to appear in Captain America: The Winter Soldier doubling for actress Scarlett Johansson, to name a few, and with more surprises to come, we now get to see a new reel this week showcasing Johnston's latest montage of material from over the last several years.

More surprises lurk in the near future action fans between now and this Spring, including Johnston's upcoming role in the latest Dragon Ball-inspired project from Robot Underdog, for which a trailer is expected to arrive in the very near future. On that note, check out the 'Lady's' new reel in the following embed below where you may also subscribe.

Stay tuned to Film Combat Syndicate for more information.


  1. Lady Blood Sport or Lady Blood Fight?
    i'm hearing two different names.
    She was good in Raze, Raze was a good movie.

    i like Blood Sport, and I hope this new movie would be as interesting and rewatchable like Blood Sport


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