Monsters Beware! Tokyo Has A New Defender In The New Trailer GAION SIGMA

Independent filmmaker and actor Bueno is set to air a bootleg version of Garage Hero's long-awaited NSFW tokusatsu action adventure thrill ride, Gun Caliber, exclusively on Vimeo for a limited time beginning April 18. However, the rising cult independent suit action favorite is currently ramping promotional efforts for his second feature film with co-director Motoharu Takauji and Zen Pictures for the forthcoming release of Gaion Sigma.

Featuring action sequences by lead actor Masaaki Nitta, the film is described as a spin-off of Chiba TV's tokusatsu action series, Houjin Yatsurugi, centering on its secondary hero, Kaito Shishidou, a genius engineer who transforms into the titular hero to defend Tokyo from hordes of mutants with the help of his assistant Hotaru and her hero counterpart, Elna No. 2 (Ayaka Tsuji), as the two investigate the source of the demonic activity and its possible ties to the mysterious Vega Corporation and its development of bio-weapons and powerful armor. Gaion Sigma is set to hit T-Joy Cinemas for limited screenings in Japan beginning this May, with screenings overseas also in the works.


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