Crowdfunding Begins For Martial Arts Action Webseries, STREETS OF MYTH

Following the unveiling of an action packed shortfilm promo last November with new concept art earlier this year (seen above), the new Kickstarter has officially begun to fund independent filmmaker Brandon Kahn's ambitious online martial arts webseries, Streets Of Myth. Featuring a prominent cast of talented actors and performers led by UK martial arts stalwart, actress Zara Phythian, the set up takes place in England, where society shaped itself into warring factions co-existing in social toxicity where any and all matters are settled in a hail of hand-to-hand combat and martial arts weaponry.

Kahn is looking toward raising £30,000 to fund the production costs prior to the hopeful pre-production and filming of the first episode titled "The King's Arms" this summer for a September airing, off-setting a ten-to-twelve episode season with each episode lasting thirty minutes. That's right! Not six or ten or fifteen, but whole half-hour episodes replete with dramatic storytelling with high impact martial arts choreography by series co-star Beau Fowler.

If you missed the earlier shortfilm promo, Enter The Streets Of Myth used to pitch the project late last year, you can watch it by clicking HERE. Otherwise, THE OFFICIAL KICKSTARTER PAGE for Streets Of Myth is up and running with more details on the first episode, the campaign itself, and information on what you can donate and the perks offered for your generosity.


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