Three Angry Canadians And Only One Machine Gun! What Do You Do? Watch RIFLE FIGHT PRACTICE And Find Out!

Just after showcasing his most recent action directorial feats with Jonny Caines in The Monkey Vault, independent filmmaker Leo Kei Angelos is back once more with the release of his newest short gem in the form of Rifle Fight Practice. Filmed in the course of two Saturdays, the concept was brought as the team, made up of Eclipse Stunts members, actors DL MacDonald and Alex Chung, and Riot A.C.T.'s own Tyler Williams were coordinating, and Angelos decided to inch up the stakes a little bit. "Leo enjoys having props in his scenes.", says MacDonald. "We were choreographing a fight and decided that we should be fighting over something... So we placed [the rifle] into the fight.".

During Angelos's current stay in Toronto, fans can expect a few more of these gems along the way as he joins fellow performers like MacDonald and the team to continue creating on a day-to-day basis, which is good news especially for MacDonald. "When Alex and I fight each other in one of our own shorts, we always need to be focusing on our performance as well as the camera mans performance.", he says. "With Leo, he's got a great eye for action and it's just fun to be able to play and not need to worry about directing the piece.".

I also got to share a few words with Williams, who speaks highly of his first time working with Angelos this month. "It's been great.", he says. "He's a guy that I had hoped to work with on my last trip to L.A., but schedules didn't work out. So when he told us that he was making a trek down to Toronto, I jumped at the chance.". Williams also talked about sharing the screen once again with MacDonald, in addition to Chung. He tells Film Combat Syndicate,  "DL is a guy that I'll work with any day and we get on really well together. Alex is another person who I've admired from a distance for a while and who I've only been lucky enough to get a chance to work with in the past year or so. I coordinated a scene with them both in an upcoming episode of Pete Winning and the Pirates where they both get to fight the star of the show. This fight that Leo did is practically the first time that Alex and I have shared the screen together, even though we still haven't been on screen at the same time. One day we will actually get to fight each other, or maybe we can convince Leo to help that happen while he's here!".

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