THE TRANSPORTER TV Series Delivers This Fall In North America

With a new film trilogy on the way, new reports are saying that Turner Broadcasting Company's TNT has picked up both the first and second season of Atlantique Productions and QVC Inc.'s televised action series The Transporter. The first season of the series was announced in 2011 and filmed later in the year, prior to its select-airing the last two years in Germany, France and Canada with Cinemax ultimately backing out of the show's North American distribution.

Based on Europacorp's longstanding blockbuster martial arts action epic trilogy with leading delivery man, actor Jason Statham, the television series here features actor Chris Vance for the lead role of Frank Martin along with Andrea Osvart, Delphine Chanéac and Charly Hübner rounding out the principle cast, with actor François Berléand reprising his role from the film trilogy as the relentless French inspector who often partners with Martin to take down the seedy criminal underworld.

Frank Martin is the Transporter. He transports anything, anywhere, for anyone. A former British SAS operative, he is highly trained in driving, combat and survival skills. A man of determination and integrity, he always completes his missions and abides by three very specific rules: 
"Never change the deal" 
"No names"  
"Never open the package" 
Whatever happens, Frank always tries to follow the rules. But things do not always go according to plan.
The series goes back into production this March for season two with TNT's commitment to airing both seasons beginning this Fall. In the meantime, there are no further details yet on Europacorp's previously announced partnership with China's Fundemental Films for the new Transporter trilogy or whether or not Statham will return to star.

Statham jumps back into action later The Expendables 3 on August 15.


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