The New Shortfilm Trailer For YOU CAN'T HEAR ME, YOU CAN'T SEE ME Will Leave You Holding Your Nuts!

While director Awi Suryadi awaits his latest solo directorial offering in the upcoming Indonesian street racing actioner, Street Society, his latest partnership with co-director Dicky Fa will soon sail the winds of the internet with the release of the spectacular martial arts comedy shortfilm, You Can't Hear Me, You Can't See Me. Currently standing as a conceptual cinematic preamble to a hopefully much larger feature-length offering, the new shortfilm stars Andrew Suleiman and Verdy Bhawanta in a story of two friends, a blind soldier and a mute cat-burglar who are forced to fend off a small group of robe-wearing masked assailants bent on kidnapping their female host, a blind hipster songstress whose own music turns everything else off.

Film Combat Syndicate previously had the pleasure to report on a private screener of the new shortfilm along with the public airing of some behind-the-scenes fight training footage illustrating some of the choreography that will be showcased courtesy of action directors Andry Ganda and Ivan Chen. In addition to the comedy and overall acting, You Can't Hear Me, You Can't See Me is a true gem that action fans will really love and want to share with others who enjoy martial arts cinema, and if it goes to feature-length, aside from whatever usual positive or negative critiques may come, it will certainly be worth spending money on regardless.

Check out the trailer below and share your thoughts!

YOU CAN'T HEAR ME. YOU CAN'T SEE ME Proof of Concept Teaser Trailer from Andrew Suleiman on Vimeo.


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