Jonny Caines Dominates THE MONKEY VAULT!

Action fans can look forward to what Canadian stunt performer and Team 2X member Jonny Caines has in store for his upcoming reel, in addition to his expected appearance in the crowdfunded action comedy shortfilm, Fist Plus Face, among other things. To add to his visual resumè this week however, folks can now check him out in high-flying fashion in his latest group fight practice performance from independent filmmaker Leo Kei Angelos.

The video was filmed at a parkour training facility in Toronto, The Monkey Vault (hence the title) where Caines takes the liberty of showcasing one of several interesting ways one could feature action choreography in a gym designed specifically for dynamic stunt performance, aided by great camerawork from Angelos who is currently in Canada planning some other things as well to kick off the new year.

Check out the clip below, also featuring (in order of appearance) Aaron Jones Beck, Greg LeachRufio LueyDL MacDonald, Adam Eldon, Giulio Calisse, Josh Maloney, Celine LolosTroy Feldman, Craig Henry and Jonathan Pang. And to learn more about The Monkey Vault, visit their official website.


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