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Friday, May 31, 2013

Check Out A Third Trailer And A BTS Featurette For BADGES OF FURY

Jet Li's upcoming action thriller from director Wang Tzu Ming, Badges Of Fury, has me a bit perplexed at times. With the most recent trailer, I gotta say I am convinced that action won't be the film's biggest selling point, especially if it is loaded with high jinks and comedic gags. But I take it that when Well Go USA releases it, that will all change and suddenly Jet Li will be front and center once again, even if it seems we will spend a good amount of it watching Wen Zhang chase women and be goofy.

Actresses Michelle Chen, Liu Shi Shi, Liu Yan, Collin Chou, Wu Jing, Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, and Leung Siu Lung star in the film, which will premiere in China on June 28, 2013. In the meantime, Enlight has a new featurette that has been up for a while, which gives you some more insight into the production, in addition to a third trailer for the film.


When a spate of eerie murders erupts across Hong Kong two troublemaking cops are assigned to the case. Young maverick WANG and grizzled vet HUANG who is fed up with his reckless younger partner always landing them in hot water. Reaching a dead end after discovering all the victims were former boyfriends of aspiring starlet LIU, the detectives must play a deadly game. One of them must go undercover as Liu's lover to lure the killer out.

The Official Trailer For LEGENDARY Is Online. Officially!

You may remember a while back in early May, prior to its 3D premiere in Cannes that an unofficial short teaser for the upcoming Eric Styles film, Legendary, made it's way to the internet on a VERY low key. Well, that footage was since removed from that same YouTube channel until a proper trailer was made public. That day is today. And it's certainly an improvement from the previous spot.

Scott Adkins stars in the film along with Dolph Lundgren, Huang Yi, Nathan Lee, James Lance, Lydia Leonard and Geng Le. The film is set to get its theatrical release in China this August, so stay tuned for further release news of the film.


Travis, our heroic cryptozoologist, wants to prove that a prehistoric beast killing construction workers is more than just a myth. But at the same time his ruthless competitor, Harker, wants to prove he is the best in the business and outdo Travis in any way he can.
Travis finds himself in a race against time to preserve the rare but deadly creature because Harker thrives on trophy killings and shoots to kill…including humans if they come between him and his prey.

Travis is funded by a mysterious wealthy benefactor and finds himself escorted by their slightly overwhelmed lawyer. The rest of his team consists of two friends, seasoned field workers Katie and Brandon, and Jianyu, a boy who first gave him video proof of the dragon. Jianyu has his own mission: to prove that the oil company is covering up the truth about the beast killing his father on their site, which is invading the creature’s time honored home. Construction has woken the dragon from his tomb, a danger which they cannot fully understand.

As the death toll mounts, can Travis’ team outwit the company, battle against Harker and escape the jaws of death whilst saving the species from brutal extinction?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIVERGENCE Returns This Summer

After nearly a year-long hiatus, Popular Uprising returns in less than two weeks with the hit action sci-fi webseries, Divergence. Leading man, martial arts action star and series action director Dan Southworth reprises his role as a former soldier whose mistaken case of PTSD turns into a life or death struggle to uncover a larger conspiracy.

Southworth is best known for his roles in several TV and film roles which include Power Rangers: Time Force, the Thousand Pounds Action Company short film hit, Street Fighter X Tekken, U.S. Seals 2: The Ultimate Force and the martial arts powerhouse action thriller, Broken Path. Southworth is also slated to appear in the long, awaited upcoming second season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy, which is set to premiere a little later this summer.


DIVERGENCE is an action/sci-fi series starring Dan Southworth, Damion Poitier, Marta McGonagle, and Courtney Munch. The series follows former U.S. Army Intel officer Mark Leonard who struggles with paranoia and PTSD until he discovers that he is, in fact, being tracked by people...who can disappear into thin air. As Mark fights his way deeper into this mysterious world looking for answers, he encounters different factions attacking him or offering help—but few answers. Each new discovery draws Mark deeper into a mystery that seems to center on his own dark past.

DIVERGENCE is created by Douglas Horn and Dan Southworth of POPULAR UPRISING.

The series will air a new episode every week for five weeks beginning June 10. Follow Dan Southworth on Twitter or Facebook to learn more about where you can catch Divergence and other projects. Also remember to subscribe to the series YouTube channel and visit the official website for updates.

The New MACHETE KILLS Trailer Is Officially Online

Director Robert Rodriguez's latest film, Machete Kills is back in the headlines with a new international trailer prior to the film's September 13, 2013 release, featuring Danny Trejo reprising his role as a rogue ex-federale. Trejo's portrayal in a what was once released as a brilliant trailer for the 2007 Grindhouse Double Feature: Planet Terror and Death Proof, became an instant contemporary cult-classic among comic-con attendees and film buffs, accompanied by a major consensus for a feature film to be made.

Hot off the worldwide success of Fast And Furious 6 is Michelle Rodriguez, returning for her role as the one-eyed rebel Luz, a.k.a. Shè, along with Jessica Alba as Santana Rivera, the immigration officer who aligns herself with Machetè in the first film.

Rounding off the cast are Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard, music sensation Lady Gaga, actor Antonio Banderas, Demián Bichir, Alexa Vega, Vanessa Hudgens, Cuba Gooding, Jr., William Sadler, Chilèan martial arts performer and action star Marko Zaror, in addition to actor Mel Gibson, and introducing Carlos Estevez, billed in the film with his original name for the first time since he began his acting career in 1984 as Charlie Sheen.


Trejo returns as ex-Federale agent Machete, who is recruited by the President of the United States for a mission which would be impossible for any mortal man - he must take down a madman revolutionary and an eccentric billionaire arms dealer who has hatched a plan to spread war and anarchy across the planet.

Jay Chou Set To Light Up The Retro Scene In THE RooFToP

Actor, music sensation and martial arts star Jay Chou is on his way with a new film he scored and directed called The RooFToP, which is also being described as a colorful martial arts musical spectacle set in the 1970's, and was shot in Taiwan, Beijing and Shanghai. The film is Chou's acting/directorial follow-up to a film he did in 2007 called Secret, and is said to be closing act of this year's New York Asian Film Festival.

I'm not really huge on it per say, considering I don't follow the Taiwanese music scene enough to really be keen to the fanfare surrounding the musical hype, but time will tell what further reviews suggest after its release on China on July 11. Although however, aside from his craft as a musician, I can see why some fans would love him anyway. :-P

Beyond all this, I like what I have seen from Chou based on some of his work. There are a few other films that I hate myself for not seeing, like Kung Fu Dunk and The Viral Factor, so those are already on my wishlist.

Chou makes for a pretty good screenfighting presence. He handled the job of playing Kato alongside Seth Rogen in the 2011 film, The Green Hornet, along with his performance as the illusionary God Of Wushu in the 2010 film, True Legend, as well as in the Zhang Yimou-directed epic war drama, Curse Of The Golden Flower. That said, I can't really say agree with Jackie Chan when he claims he is ready to pass Jay Chou "the torch". And in my opinion, because Jay is an artist, I'm almost positive Jay is too humble to even try to be the next Jackie Chan. One thing is certain, and that Jay does stand out with a lot of talent and potential for greatness beyond his own borders if he is guided in the right direction.

The Rooftop also stars Wang Xue Qi, Eric Tsang and Alan Kuo, with action choreography by Yang Kil Yong.

If you haven't seen the trailer, here is one below. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below, or on Twitter or Facebook.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

LBP Stunts Chicago Features French Noir Action In IL Y A TOUJOURS UNE SOLUTION (There Is Always A Way)

One of my favorite stunt teams working today are the guys over at LBP Stunts Chicago, who are responsible for some of the most memorable independent action short film hits of the last several years. Some of these include the unfinished four-segmented noir action series, Those Who Go To Hell, Yo Soy Un Hombre Loco, and their latest internet success, Dogfight.

Today, they've unveiled their latest new shortfilm titled Il Y A Toujours Une Solution (There Is Always A Way), featuring LBP martial arts performer, actor and industry stuntman Shawn Bernal (pictured right), and comedian Anthony Pho (left) who flew in all the way from France to visit the stunt team. And not for nothing, seeing as how Anthony himself is also a stunt performer who has been training since 2008 and 2009, working with the likes of Olivier Schneider (Taken, Fast & Furious 6), and currently with French martial arts actors and stuntmen Patrick Vo (Safe House, Fast And Furious 6) and Manu Lanzi (The Transporter, Chinese Zodiac).

It's funny to look at the title considering the circumstances here, since during the creation of this latest short, it was not without a sense of irony that the name of this piece was given for a reason, as Shawn endured an unfortunate kick to the face during filming, leaving him slightly injured; Ultimately, things like this come with the territory of being a stunt professional.

Leave it to LBP director and cinematographer Emmanuel Manzanares to improvise and find a way to turn a botched concept into something entirely different at the last minute, and still keep it artfully dramatic, action packed and entertaining. Furthermore, the final product seen here illustrates the tenacity and devotion of stunt performers to their craft, and how it all still manages to pay off, one way or another.

These guys are professionals. Period.

Check out the piece below, and share your thoughts in the comment section, or on Facebook or Twitter. And don't forget to buy your tickets to Man Of Steel out in theaters on June 14, 2013, where Shawn also performs stunts in it. ;-)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Covert Urban Ninja Warfare Rules The Streets Of Liverpool In The New Trailer For SHINOBI CODE

The Action Elite posted a new trailer today for an upcoming film that features an ensemble cast listing of award-winning, competitive freerunning athletes and martial arts performers called Shinobi Code from Airborn Entertainment. The film was an independent production and team effort led by prodigal student filmmaker, screenwriter and cinematographer Terry Cheung who directed the film a couple of years ago with no budget and a three man crew. With production now complete, only time will tell when the film will see an official release.

The film stars Liverpool-native Ryan Doyle, a veteran traceur and an international champion martial artist and freerunner who served as the film's co-editor, as well as the stunt/fight coordinator. Co-starring is Anthony Doyle and Jean-Paul Jesstiece who also co-wrote the screenplay and served as executive producers. Craig McGrath, Jack Lowry, Mark Slater, Del Ronan, Kevin Stokes, Gareth Taylor, Kingsley Ngenda and production designer Michael Purcell round out the cast.


Rayve is the leader of a modern day underground warrior clan, along with his team of exceptionally gifted individuals their primary aspiration is to relocate a mystical device known as the Shinobi Code which had been spoken of for generations.Standing in his way is a corrupt military official who plans to discover the secret of the device and turn it into a dreadful weapon, all that Rayve needs is to find it before the military do and avoid the black ops team who will stop at nothing to ensure their mission be accomplished.

Remember to subscribe to the film's official Facebook page for more info. And follow Ryan Doyle on Twitter.

Frank Castle Returns In The New Shortfilm Trailer For THE PUNISHER: NO MERCY

In less than a year, FOX Television cancelled its previously-reported plans to bring Marvel's The Punisher to the small screen. And there isn't much news yet to deliver on anymore major productions involving the character, particularly since everyone is pretty much moving into superhero territory at this point.

Fortunately, the character is still pretty popular from a live action perspective, especially among cult fans of comic book movies and people who are familar with all three films that have been made since director Mark Goldblatt's theatrical rendition of the Marvel character in 1989, along with Punisher '04 star, actor, Thomas Jane's most recent reprisal in his shortfilm follow-up, Dirty Laundry. If you want proof, then you need not look further than the most recent trailer for the summer's upcoming shortfilm release, The Punisher: No Mercy, the latest labor of love from the fellas over at the Montreal-based independent film company, The Kombat Krew.

Jason Ambrus directed the shortfilm starring co-writer, co-producer, actor and action director, Shawn Baichoo, a fifteen-year veteran of TV, film, stage combat, voice acting, screenfighting and motion capture for video games including all previous and upcoming Assassin's Creed games, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and many more. He also has some upcoming projects after this, including one that will be unveiled by Spring of next year.

Shawn says of his experience playing the Punisher, "It was an opportunity to showcase my skills, do something I love, work with talented people and pay my respects to a great character that's never really gotten his due, in my opinion."

Rounding out the cast are co-producer Amber Goldfarb, and actors James Malloch and Giancarlo Caltabiano. Davila LeBlanc also served as producer and co-writer.

Check out their trailer below where you can also subscribe to their Youtube channel and follow the shortfilm on Facebook to learn more and stay tuned.

Monday, May 27, 2013

TWITTER SOUNDOFF: The Case For Adkins, Johnson And Statham In Fast 7

LOL! Well, I plan on seeing Fast And Furious on the evening of Saturday, June 1, since I had other plans this past weekend. But a lot of us just came across something that redefined the word "awesome" for the remainder of the hype around this bit of news.

Now, we are well into the month of May going into June, and Justin Lin's directorial finale of the franchise, Fast And Furious 6, is pretty much obliterating weekend box office records this week after its successful start in the U.K. as Universal gets its continuance into the third trilogy with Fast And Furious 7, to be directed by James Wan. Furthermore, everyone who has been paying attention is pretty much aware of how prevelant Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has become in the franchise since his role in Fast Five as "D.S.S. Agent Luke Hobbs". No argument here, for there is no doubt that The Rock has come a VERY long way from being a wrestler to his breakout roles in The Mummy 2, The Scorpion King and The Rundown, to becoming one of the biggest stars of the industry, especially with the nod he got from Marvel President Kevin Feige for the role of Luke Cage.

Leave it to the invention of twitter (as illustrated on Facebook) to completely shut everything down, resulting in utter, raw, nuclear fan meltdown as everyone's favorite Undisputed 4 hopeful, martial arts action star Scott Adkins, tweets about the film, congratulating him on his successes with the "Fast" franchise so far, saying "Day off today. #ufc and #FAST6 kept me busy. #therock is awesome!!". Dwayne evidently caught on and replied, "@TheScottAdkins Thanks Scott! Keep kickin ass brother.". This obviously lit up Scott on Twitter enough to respond with "@TheRock WOW! Thanks for the reply and keep flying the flag for real action heroes!! You V me on #Fast7 - u know it makes sense!"

Scott Adkins has also earned his stripes from the UK to Asia and Hollywood as one of today's biggest figures in martial arts cinema, most notably with films like Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing, Undisputed 3: Redemption, the French-TV fantasy series, Metal Hurlant Chronicles, Ninja and the upcoming release, Ninja 2, and his most impressive performance in the action horror induction of the UniSol series, Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning. More importantly however is the case of Adkins' role in Simon West's sequel blockbuster, The Expendables 2, where he went toe-to-toe with fellow Brit-kicker and Hollywood action hero Jason Statham. It was one of the more shorter-lived scenes in the film being shot on only one day, but also one with the highest expectations since Statham himself has made a name for himself as one of the toughest guys ever put on screen to execute action. OBVIOUSLY.

Bare all this in mind with the fact that aside from the as-of-yet-to-be-heard developments on whether or not we will see Dwayne in his own spinoff, he is also slated to star in Fast 7 with Statham. And now that Adkins has seen Fast 6 for himself and publicly stating his own interest in appearing in Fast 7, clearly there is a lot of love here from fans of the franchise who would love nothing more than to see Statham, Adkins and Johnson light the entertainment world's hottest fire on the big screen together in one of these films.

I don't particularly know how this will all work out since fans still want to see Adkins in Undisputed 4, but I'm not arguing. Not at all. I've stated my own case before about how epic and great this franchise is, so I have my reasons for supporting these guys all the way through the film's release scheduled for July 11, 2014.

QUESTION: Does Adkins, Johnson and Statham appearing in Fast 7 make sense to you? Share your comments below or on Facebook.

Breaking Down Barriers: An Interview With Argentinian Action Star JUAN MANUEL OLMEDO

The first teaser trailer for JUSTICIA PROPIA has to be one of the most badass trailers I have ever seen for any action movie. Being an action fan myself in today's era, the prominence of Hong Kong cinema and the evolution of the internet, I love that we now get to expand our range of film production markets and see what other studios are coming up with.

Coming across the trailer through another mutual friend on Facebook, it was a great opportunity to help introduce another filmmaker to a bigger audience. Hailing all the way from Argentina, Juan Manuel Olmedo aims to thrill and excite action fans with his latest new film, directed by Sergio Mastroberti. It took a long time for us to connect, particularly because of his busy schedule. But I am very happy to finally get to share some of his words and opinions to you all from him in the following interview.

Film Combat Syndicate: How long have you been a martial artist?

Juan Manuel Olmedo:
I've practiced martial arts since I was 11 years old, started in 1983 with Taekwondo WTF and in a few months, progressed to ITF (federations). From then on it was my discipline of choice. After that, I was picked to join the National Team back in '96. I competed in Chile, Uruguay, Canada and in Puerto Rico, reaching First Place and getting a Championship Title. I advanced and became an International Instructor with a IV Dan category. After that, in '98 I got involved in entertainment.
FCSyndicate: When did you decide to become a filmmaker?

In 1998, after a few casting calls, I got selected to be a part of the Power Rangers Turbo Live Show, playing the Green Ranger Adam. Until that time I had no idea about theater, or live shows, or even film. But, I loved action films as well as martial arts flicks. The live show was like a dream to me, since it was doing both, and I was fascinated it by it. After a year of doing the shows, I needed to comeback to my life!! And realized that I need to be involved in action or martial arts films, even television sounded good.That was my calling, so I started.

FCSyndicate: What were some of your influences growing up?

The biggest influence in my life was Bruce Lee, watching all his films over and over!! In the early 80's, it was Chuck Norris, and later on Jean-Claude Van Damme, who I had the opportunity to meet and interview once when he came to Argentina. Those are my influences when it comes to Martial Arts Films, but when it comes to action, first place, Sylvester Stallone-He is #1, then Arnold, Mel Gibson, and Bruce Willis. They are the fathers of action films.

FCSyndicate: Tell me about Stunt Fighter Producciones. How did it all begin?

StuntFighter was created in 2001, with a chance to produce an action-comedy miniseries that involved some martial arts, it was pick up a Chanel 9 (TV) and it was named "Conde y Toro". I had the lead role with two other local TV stars, but at that moment we really focused on FX and stuntwork. But it wasn't until 2012 that we grew from a FX-Stuntdouble house to a full production company, focusing on producing film as well as the usual FX and Stunt Service. That is when "Justicia Propia" became a protect.

FCSyndicate: How did you and Sergio Mastroberti come up with the concept for Justicia Propia?

Director Sergio Mastroberti and action star Juan Manuel Olmedo

"Justicia Propia" came to life in a talk at a park between Sergio and I. We were both aching to do something big and change our destinies. Something really different from what the Argentines are used to. So we started to plan out something that had both action and martial arts for adult fans. That was back in 2005 at that time, and we could not do it due to lack of resources. So we went our separate ways, but always keeping in touch and gaining experiences and growing until 2012. We picked up where we left off and decided to give the project a GO AHEAD. We did all the detail on the script, production and stunt coordination for the action scenes. We both shared the same vision, we wanted a character that had all the classic action DNA, someone that would take Justice into his own and leave nothing loose on his way. An Action Hero from the 80s and 90s.

FCSyndicate: Were there any hurdles to overcome during production?

We had some technical obstacles, but nothing we could deal with or resolve, the movie had a huge production need when it came to locations and action scenes, sometimes it was complicated to move around and make our time schedule. But we got it done without major problems.

FCSyndicate: What are some of your most memorable moments while being on set?

I have a few memorable moments, but the one that i've enjoyed the most was the final fight scene for the film, the filming  took 7 entire days and the rehearsal alone for this took us a whole month, the location was awesome, and I a very happy with the results. Another one, is also a fight, that features one of our stuntmen falling down an elevator shaft follow by a grande explosions, the scene alone raised my adrenaline!! It's a great scene in the film.
FCSyndicate: What are some of your favorite films in general, in any genre?

I have several favorite movies, I have a large collection of action movie DVDs, a few of which I can name: Rocky, Rambo, Operation Dragon, Hard Target, Bloodsport, Star Wars, Predator and Indiana Jones. I love genres like action and adventure, and even science fiction.

FCSyndicate: What styles of choreography have the biggest influence in how you design fight sequences?

The choreography that I like are those of Bruce, Van Damme, and of the  Transporter movies too ...overall I like the American style of fighting, not so much the asian action. The harshness of Stallone or Arnold fights, with the technique of one of Van Damme for example, mix it like that. I know it is not 100% martial arts, but more of street violence.

FCSyndicate: One issue I am faced with when I talk to some choreographers is the matter of low convenience for certain productions when it comes to making quality martial arts action movies for either the direct to video market or mainstream Hollywood, whether its the budget or preparation time for choreography.

In your opinion, do budgets matter when it comes to making a quality martial arts film?

It is my opinion the budget specifically a martial arts film not determine whether it will be good or not, probably with less budget film you have less time, but great choreography can personally do in less time too, now on a roll film more not only martial arts, also with many special effects, great action deployment, there if the budget affects a lot.

FCSyndicate: Who do you look forward to working with in the future?

With Sylvester Stallone or Van Damme would be just great!

FCSyndicate: Are there any films you are looking forward to seeing in 2013?

I can't wait to see "Bullet to the Head" a film starring Stallone. I think it would be out in a few months here in Argentina.

FCSyndicate: Is there a release date for JUSTICIA PROPIA?

We are working hard in getting this film out to theaters by July, if not August 2013.

FCSyndicate: How is the market in the Argentianian film industry? Do you see a potential for large growth for the martial arts action genre? Is there a high demand?

Action is a very difficult "market" here in Argentina due to budget and the lack of. So not many films like this are being produced. We do hope that with Justicia Propia, we could re-lauch the genre and show people that it could be done, and done well.

FCSyndicate: What other projects are you working on at the moment?

Yes, we are working on the sequel to Justcia Propia, and it would be done in 3D. Also, a sci-fi action web-series, a TV show and maybe another action film later on.

Getting in touch with Juan Olmedo has to be one of the biggest milestones for Film Combat Syndicate, mainly, in the sense that this is the first bilingual email conversation with someone on an international level. I could not have done it without the help of his assistant and friend, Gus Guzman, who helped out enormously with translating the dialogue. I also have to credit my friend Eoin at The Action Elite for copying the text from the .docx file and sending it to me via email since Android phones are such a pain in the butt sometimes.

Juan Manuel Olmedo continues to go the distance with his career, making action movies for action fans who love what the 80's and 90's brought us. His love for the classics and his nourished love for film and action will help preserve action cinema even further for the ages. Even more so, by making JUSTICIA PROPIA and taking it a step beyond with a 3D sequel, not only is he reviving a classic genre on an international scale-he is kicking the walls down and bringing a lot of firepower with him, like an action star should.

Juan Manuel Olmedo is a legend in the making. And Stallone, I hope you two share the screen sometime real soon.

I look forward to future releases of this movie and sharing updates on the sequel and Juan's career. Thank you Juan, Gus, and everyone at Stuntfighters for pursuing your dreams and doing what you all do best!

Follow Juan Manuel Olmedo on Twitter, and subscribe to Justicia Propia and Stuntfighter Producciones on Facebook.



John Lee is a hired gun who must pay a debt to Asian crime boss Terence Wei. His final mission is to travel to Manhattan to kill the 7-year-old son of the cop responsible for the death of Wei's son during a drug buy. However, Lee develops a conscious and cannot pull the trigger on the child. He knows this will make him a target and that his mother and sister in Shanghai are living on borrowed time. Trying to return to China, Lee enlists the aid of master forger Meg Coburn to construct a phony passport. But before the job is done, Wei's trigger men attack and Lee and Coburn begin their long flight, pursued through New York City.

A little over a week ago, actor Chow Yun-Fat celebrated his 58th birthday. And looking back on his career, like many American film fans at the time as other Asian stars like Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh and Jet Li were crossing over, I never heard of Chow until the release of the 1998 action film from Columbia Pictures, THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS. At this stage I was already wondering about other films outside of Hollywood--and to think all I needed to do was take a few steps further into the Asian cinema section of the video store (when those still existed) and look up what was in it.

Anyway, being a young, carefree film fan, I had already seen films like HARD TARGET with Jean-Claude Van Damme and BROKEN ARROW with John Travolta and Christian Slater. But it never really occurred to me to know who the director was. And that was when Chow started making headlines in the weeks leading up to the release of The Replacement Killers, showing a classic screenshot of Chow's previous film with actor Daniel Lee in the critically acclaimed 1989 Hong Kong action thriller, THE KILLER (pictured left).

Apparently this was a sign of the times, as Hollywood began fully embracing how filmmakers like the legendary John Woo delivered action on screen. And what better way to help absorb and deliver Woo's vision of Chow to American audiences other than Antoine Fuqua, making his directorial debut? That said, I think THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS is a classic, and it had no business flopping when it was released.

If there was going to be a foundation for Chow Yun-Fat to explode onto the scene of Hollywood cinema, this film was it. It had screenwriter Ken Sanzel's perfect script and the perfect package, which took everything we thought we knew about stories involving anti-heroic assassins and bullet ballet, and made it into a spectacular vision of art that translated everything John Woo has done in his career to American theaters in classic action fashion.

Chow Yun-Fat delivers theatrical intensity and passion to the role of "John Lee", a killer for hire-turned-avenging assassin who redefines his moral code when he chooses not to pull the trigger for his client, "Terence Wei", a vindictive and begrudged crimeboss out for blood, played by veteran Hong Kong actor Kenneth Tsang. I also really enjoy the chemistry and comradery he shares with actress Mira Sorvino who plays "Meg Coburn", a forger of illegal documents who could care less about what seasoned detective "Stan Zedkov" thinks until she unwittingly gets caught in the crossfire and becomes a target of the same men John is trying to avoid--the same men who are after Zedkov's seven year old son.

Without giving too much away, one of the more memorable scenes include appearances by actors Leo Lee and Patrick Kilpatrick, who have relatively small roles in the film as two of the film's baddies; Lee also happens to be in one of the most memorable fight scenes in martial arts movie history in THE PERFECT WEAPON with the harbinger of Kenpo badassery himself, Jeff Speakman. I also grew up watching the cyberpunk action thriller, CLASS OF 1999, where Kilpatrick creeped me the hell out as one of the main cybervillains in film. So he'll always be cool in my book.

Another of the more memorable scenes in the film also stands out with actor Clifton Collins Jr., who plays "Loco", a slick, trash-talking gangbanger who hilariously fails to try and kick it with Meg when the two meet, and also, evidently, manages to come through for our two heroes when the chips are down, showcasing one of my favorite scenes as John and Meg confront Loco in front of his own crew for snitching on them in an earlier scene. John and Meg have nothing to lose as all guns are drawn and John stands their winking his aiming eye at point-blank range, ready to shoot anyone and not giving a you-know-what.

You can litterally cut the tension with a knife...of course, there were no knives here, lol. So.... yeah.

I should also add that the film was such a good formula for Chow Yun Fat that in the years to come, as Chow took on both domestic and international film titles, his post-crossover evolution as an actor became pivotal in helping bring American audiences even closer to the scene of Asian cinema than before, with the successful releases of films like Ang Lee's CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, and CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER from director Zhang Yimou. And if you went to see any of these movies, you likely heard of Chow by then...if not Chow...by now!

Yes, I felt like saying that. It rhymed and I have no shame. :-P

Yes, despite the fact that the film flopped in theaters, I still enjoy watching it. It is tons of fun for any action fan and stands as one of the best action films of the 1990s, an era that cultuvated me in my teens, and shaped me as an action fan to this day. Without The Replacement Killers, some filmmakers and actors wouldn't have had a reference to work with in creating some of their own content in the years to come. It's films like this that have further shaped the way action films were made in Hollywood, and abroad. Some would call that influence. And while somecritical thinkers might look at this article and see it as some sort of nostalgic fan-rant about the 90s and a movie they probably didn't like, then...well, thank you for reading! :-D

Chow will star next in the upcoming sequel thriller, COLD WAR 2, with Eddie Peng, and is also slated to appear in the upcoming 3D adventure from director Pou Soi-Cheang's THE MONKEY KING, starring Donnie Yen, Fan Siu-Wong and Kelly Chen, and releasing on Valentine's Day 2014.

Meanwhile, Fuqua is also currently developing his TV-to-film installation of THE EQUALIZER with actor Denzel Washington, actress Chloë Moretz, and newly cast actor Martin Csokas. Collins Jr. is also starring in the upcoming six-part webseries, THE CLEANERS, to be featured on the Sony-owned digital platform, Crackle, later this year.

THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS also stars Michael Rooker, Jürgen Prochnow, Til Schweiger, Danny Trejo and Carlos Gomez. You can find on DVD and BluRay at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Google Movies & TV or wherever movies are sold or streamed.

Happy belated birthday Chow!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Five Friends Reliving Their Past Will Fight For Mankind's Future In Edgar Wright's THE WORLD'S END

I've been a bit lagged at sharing the trailer for Edgar Wright's latest film, THE WORLD'S END, but I love the stuff Wright has to offer on film. Actors Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have always made for one of the most memorable comedic film pairings in cinema history, and I think it's fantastic that they are constantly upping the antee with every film they are in together.

As such, I would definitely see this film on a night out with friends...followed by drinking, of course. Because the last thing anyone wants is a loud hysterical drunk in a movie theater. ;-)

Director Edgar Wright and actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunite for a third film following the successes "Shaun of the Dead" (2004) and "Hot Fuzz" (2007). In "The World's End," 20 years after attempting an epic pub crawl, five childhood friends reunite when one of them becomes hellbent on trying the drinking marathon again. They are convinced to stage an encore by Gary King (Simon Pegg), a 40-year-old man trapped at the cigarette end of his teens, who drags his reluctant pals to their hometown and once again attempts to reach the fabled pub -- The World's End. As they attempt to reconcile the past and present, they realize the real struggle is for the future, not just theirs but humankind's. Reaching The World's End is the least of their worries.

The film also stars Paddy Considine, Martin Freeman, Eddie Marsan and Rosamund Pike and is slated for North American release on August 23, 2013.

Poetic Justice Is King In The New Short Film From ENSO Productions, TRANSCENDING FEAR

I had the good fortune of coming across a short film early this year called Del Oppresso Libre, from the Florida based martial arts film and stunt action team, ENSO Productions. Headed by founder, actor, stuntman, martial artist, coordinator and independent filmmaker Walter Garcia, their work is proven to be some of the most raw, gritty, high voltage, envelope-pushing visions of independent online action filmmaking I have ever seen in my days as a writer and indie action fan. And if anything, their latest shortfilm release, Transcending Fear, is proof of that.

Garcia directed wrote, edited, choreographed and shot the fifteen minute action drama featuring performers Jenn Harris and Taryn Terrell as two of a trio of anti-heroic assassins known as the notorious "ABC's Of Death", assassins who lead an eccentric, evil lifestyle of murder, death and bloodshed, founded on a code that establishes their own philosophical order and dogma.

The beautiful part here is that as the story progresses, it is that very code that helps keep our dark heroines alive in the face of another force of evil. This, incorporated with the theme on which the title is based, makes for a foundation of some truly exciting and brilliant storytelling from Garcia who also does terrifically in crafting spectacular action and stunt sequences that are in-your-face with an illustriously twitsted story about sexy and dangerous femme fatales whose methods are horrific, brutal, downright sadistic, and justifiably dark and poetic in a way that will definitely have you rooting for the bad girl.

I will be looking into sharing an email discussion with him in the months leading up to some of the projects that he has been involved in which I will share then. Transcending Fear also stars Ryan Robertson and Christian Geoffery Gray. Enjoy the action and subscribe to the channel below.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Jun Kaname Uncovers The Dangers Of Time Travel In The New Trailer For TIME SCOOP HUNTER

Nippon Cinema has a new trailer available for the August 31, 2013 Japan theatrical release of director Hiroyuki Nakao's time-travel action adventure film, TIME SCOOP HUNTER. The film is based on the 2009 NHK television series of the same name starring Jun Kaname who plays Yuichi Sawajima, a time travel journalist who investigates history for the Time Scoop Company. The film also stars actresses Anne Watanabe reprising her role from the series as Minami Furuhashi and fashion model Kaho as rookie reporter Hikari Hosono. Ken Utsui and Saburo Tokito round out the listed cast.

"Space-time journalist” Yuichi Sawajima (Jun Kaname) is sent back through time to unravel the mystery of Azuchi Castle, which was built by famous shogun Oda Nobunaga and burned down within 3 years of its completion. When he time-warps to the year 1582, he crosses paths with a warrior monk wielding a gun that shouldn’t exist in that time period and discovers that history has been altered. He then travels to the “last day” of Azuchi Castle in a last-ditch effort to repair the timeline.

Criminal Politics Set The Stage For All-Out War In The New Trailer For CALL ME KING

Husband and wife, and Shadow Motion Pictues filmmaking and production duo R.L. Scott and Monyque Thompson Scott have been busy in the past couple of years working on new webseries projects like Touye Pwen, and their latest, Fixer, which currently has the first and second episodes available on YouTube for viewing. The new series showcases a combination of espionage, intrigue and screen fighting, the latter which is R.L.'s specialty considering he has studied martial arts since the age of 7, and began shooting and directing his own short action clips at the age of 16.

Having helmed and choreographed the 2007 martial arts action tournament drama, Champion Road, followed by its sequel, Champion Road: Arena, R.L. is back with a new trailer this month for the upcoming theatrical release of his latest feature martial arts action crime thriller titled, Call Me King, in collaboration with SMP, Dark Energy Pictures and David Fisher of Fisherthought Productions. The film stars Amin Joseph, who also served as executive producer. Monyque also stars along with Bai Ling, Chris Mulkey, Lester Speight, Robert Miano, Gabrielle Dennis, Shaun Mixon, Sean Riggs, Jonathan "Lil J" McDaniel and Del Zamora. City On Fire brings the new poster which you can see above, announcing a hopeful 2014 release.

"In chess, the rules are fixed... but the outcome is unpredictable."

In the international world of gun running...loyalty, honor and discretion are valuable commodities, but nothing is more priceless than the bond of family. Power begets enemies and a loved ones betrayal cuts like a knife. Sides will be chosen, wars will be fought. In the end, there can only be one King.

Click HERE if the embed fails to load. Be sure to follow the movie on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Crackle's Fall Slate: What I Learned About CLEANERS And EXTRACTION

I try to follow a lot of people who work in the entertainment field, namely stunt professionals. I primarily do this on Facebook where I ultimately end up subscribing to a lot of them since their friend lists are full to the hilt. In this case, I vaguely remember-it had to have been sometime between late April or May when I noticed actor, stunt performer and stunt coordinator James Lew posted an interesting set photo of himself and actress Emmanuelle Chriqui (pic below) while filming something called "Cleaners".

Apparently, in the early part of May, there was a major announcement involving Sony's online entertainment medium, Crackle. Reports from various sources cited a NewFronts conference in New York City attended by a plethora of stars, representatives and investors. The announcements illustrate a Fall slate of digital content through film and webseries formats, spanning several genres.

One of these includes a series of six half-hour episodes from Full Clip Productions and Sam Worthington titled CLEANERS, with Chriqui starring along with actor David Arquette, slated to air this November. Variety quotes Arquette who said of the announcement, “I like that it’s backed by Sony,...They know what they are doing. And it won’t be canceled after a couple of episodes.”

The series follows two beautiful women contract killers who end up becoming targets themselves when a botched errand leads them to find a sedated 8-year old boy in the trunk of their car. Not a moment sooner they find themselves targets of their own boss, their former allies and the FBI. With their lives on the line, the battle lines drawn and no one to turn to for help, they must assemble their arsenal and use their deadly skills if they are going to take on the rouge's gallery of assassins who want them dead.

The cast of the series also includes Emily Osment, Missi Pyle, Gina Gershon, Nathan Keyes and Clifton Collins Jr. The series is written and directed by Paul Leyden, and has since wrapped filming with all six parts expected to air simultaneously on Crackle this November.

I should also point out having discovered another photo I found from the set of a contained martial arts feature film which is also slated for the same venue, called EXTRACTION from Ranger 7 Films. The 90-minute feature was written and directed by Tony Giglio, with action direction by James Lew, and follows a team of black-ops soldiers who are sent on a mission to extract a convict from a Russian maximum security prison. The mission goes bust with only one of the soldiers left alive who must fight his way out of the prison with his subject alive.

The film will feature international martial arts actor and stunt performer Jon Foo, whose works include the Hong Kong action adventure HOUSE OF FURY, Tony Jaa's explosive Ong Bak follow-up, TOM YUM GOONG, his breakout role in the live action film adaptation of the tournament fighting game, TEKKEN, the John Hyams-directed UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: REGENERATION and the martial arts thriller, BANGKOK REVENGE. The film will also star Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones, Sean Astin, Joanne Kelly, and actor Falk Hentschel, who made his breakout role as Bernard, the train assassin in the 2010 spy action comedy, Knight And Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

Considering Hentschel and Foo are really the only two who possibly stand out with Jones as the ones performing the action, I'm only guessing Foo might be the one playing the hero in the film. He has done a terrific job so far in his movies and I am very eager to see what kind of film Extraction is when Crackle brings it to its debut in September.

There are other series' listed in the fall slate which you can find in the aforementioned link above. In the meantime, keep your eyes on Crackle, and follow James Lew and Jon Foo on Twitter.

TIMECOP Gets A Reboot, No Van Damme

Looks like LADY BLOODSPORT won't be the only re-imagining of a Jean-Claude Van Damme classic.
Jean-Claude Van Damme takes on James Lew in TIMECOP (1994). Photo: AMC Films

According to the latest developments over at The Hollywood Reporter, the 1994 science fiction blockbuster, TIMECOP is being observed as a reboot with producers Mark Shmuger and Tom McNulty under the Global Produce banner at Universal. The subsequent success of the first film, based on a Dark Horse Comics publication, led to a sequel starring actor Jason Scott Lee, followed by a video game adaptation and a short-lived television series.

THR also states that the project will not involve Jean-Claude Van Damme, but there is no word yet on who will star in the film or direct it. It is also not the first time the "Muscle From Brussels" has been snubbed by the people re-envisioning one of the most successful films of his career as the actor was most recently snubbed by screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen, who was then developing a script for Phillip Noyce's reboot of the tournament action hit, BLOODSPORT, which launched the Belgian kicker to big screen stardom in 1988. Director Peter Hyams maintained Van Damme's successful legacy, evidently helming TIMECOP, along with the 1995 hostage thriller, SUDDEN DEATH.

In other news, Universal managed to acquire North American and U.K. distribution rights to one of Van Damme's more recent films, Rob Meltzer's comedy adventure, WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. Van Damme is also involved in an upcoming heist thriller called SWELTER, directed by Keith Parmer.

Van Damme is also slated to appear in ENEMIES CLOSER, with actors Tom Everett Scott and Orlando Jones. The film pairs the action star once more with director Peter Hyams.

Stay tuned for further updates on TIMECOP.

QUESTION: How do you feel about the recent trend of JCVD films getting reboot attention without the actor?
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Evans' Next, THE NIGHT COMES FOR US, Gets Distribution

In a forwarded article from Screen Daily, Digital Spy reports that director Gareth Evans will be on board his next film, THE NIGHT COMES FOR US after BERANDAL (a.k.a. THE RAID: REDEMPTION) wraps filming this month. The articles state that Evans, most known for push-kicking action fans into a new era of martial arts cinema with Indonesian action vehicles, MERANTAU and the recent success of THE RAID: REDEMPTION, will serve as action director for the U.K.-based production.

In the film, Joe Taslim will star as a mob enforcer who struggles to seek atonement after inadvertantly causing a massacre. The film was previously reported as being neither a martial arts film nor a horror of any kind, with the former being a little difficult to comprehend considering Indonesian action favorite Yayan Ruhian is going to be in it as well, unless Ruhian himself is looking to evolve and stand out more dramatically as an actor, which I think is a brillant idea considering the love he has earned from action fans alike. Moreover, given the recent poster that was shared to the public, I take it that this will have some type of action in it to help showcase Taslim's evolving nature as the industry's next international cross-over success story, post-Jackie Chan and Jet Li, next to fellow 'Raid' co-star and Expendables 3 hopeful, Iko Uwais.

With the successes of all film's mentioned, Evans and Taslim have set themselves up perfectly for what is looking to be another great year ahead in martial arts and action cinema history.

THE NIGHT COMES FOR US is slated to begin filming this fall with director Timo Tjahjanto, who is also slated to release his next film, KILLERS, later this year. XYZ Films, which is co-producing the film with Evans' company, PT Merantau, has sold distribution rights to select territories woldwide under Sony, including North American distribution rights to Sony Pictures Classics.

Joe Taslim stars as 'Jah' in this week's North American release of Fast And Furious 6, directed by Justin Lin.

Scott Adkins To Play A King In HERCULES 3D

Sad screenfighting fans of martial arts action star Scott Adkins who have been hoping for the fourth installment of the continuing saga of the boxing-turned-kickboxing/MMA prison tournament drama franchise, UNDISPUTED, have something much bigger to look forward to in the year to come thanks to an announcement forwarded by Martial Arts Movie Junkie. The recent news involves the 3D release of Renny Harlin's fantasy action adventure, HERCULES 3D starring rising new action hero Kellan Lutz (The Twilight Saga, Arena, Java Heat, Tarzan).


Some fantastic news regarding Scott's new film, which will be "Hercules 3D" directed by Renny Harlin who did Cliffhanger & Die Hard 2. It will be one of many lead roles and Scott will play King Amphitryon. Myths are that During Amphitryon’s absence, Alcmene (Hercule's mother) became pregnant by Zeus, who disguised himself as Amphitryon, when he visited her; she then became pregnant again by her real husband upon his return. Of these unions were born twin boys, of whom Iphicles was the son of Amphitryon, Hercules the son of Zeus. 

The film is the latest of a series of films slated to star Lutz as he continues to earn his stripes becoming one of the latest faces of a new era in blockbuster Hollywood cinema. The film is based on a seperate concept of the original source material apart from the August 2014 release of the Paramount Pictures/MGM production, HERCULES: THE THRACIAN WARS starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and directed by Brett Ratner.

Currently, HERCULES 3D is shooting in Bulgaria with Nu Image/Millenium overseeing the film's production, which is being shot by Ross Clarkson. Lutz and Adkins are joined by actor Liam McIntyre who replaced the late actor Andy Whitfield for the television series, SPARTACUS. The film is slated for a March 2014 release.

Scott Adkins is also appearing in the upcoming releases of two new martial arts sequel action thrillers, NINJA 2 from director Isaac Florentine, and James Nunn's latest MMA installation, GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS 3: UNDERGROUND.

Stay tuned!

The New Man Of Steel Trailer. O-M-G.

Director Zack Snyder (300, WATCHMEN, SUCKER PUNCH) may very well be on the verge of becoming the next director to make the billion dollar mark when Warner Bros releases the latest superhero action adventure thriller, MAN OF STEEL on June 14, 2013. Several teaser trailers and posters have gone viral in recent months promoting the upcoming re-envisioning of the classic DC Comics character that tells the story of a Kryptonian newborn who survives the extinction of his planet and crash lands onto Earth, and is raised on a small farm by a human couple, only to grow up discovering superhuman abilities that show signs of a greater destiny he was meant for when he reaches manhood.

MAN OF STEEL stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Lawrence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue and Russell Crowe, with a story by Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer who also wrote the screenplay. You can view the whopping brand new trailer below the synopsis, which indicates pretty much any and every reason to highlight this exciting new film as a taste of things to come for the developing JUSTICE LEAGUE film.

I'm getting a ticket. Are you?

Based on the classic DC Comics character created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, MAN OF STEEL tells the story of a young boy who grows up and journeys to seek his roots, questioning the purpose of his unearthly abilities as an insidious evil force bent on mankind's destruction brings him closer to his destiny as a superhero and symbol of hope for humanity.

The New Teaser For PULSE Shows Signs Of Life

Rebecca Honett and Desiree Abeyta in "Pulse". Photo by Michael Amico

Filmmaker Chris Crutchfield and his team over at Triple Click Productions have been busy at work in recent months with the post production process for their new sci-fi action series, PULSE. As you will see, there are some slick CGI shots, chase scenes and action scenes, along with some rhythmic editing between high and low-speed camera work that shows something unique and explosive about the story that will be told here when the series finally premieres.

In addition to Crutchfield's extensive background in film and in motion graphics design, Thousand Pounds Action Company's own Vonzell Carter directed the action you will see in this amazing new series. And trust and believe, as good as things are shaping out to be, they are itching to share what they have spend a good amount of their time working on all these months.

Things are still being talked over for the series to be given a good platform, so further details are being kept under wraps. In the meantime, they are now showcasing an unofficial teaser featuring music by singer Liam Howard. And if this is your first time hearing about it, then by all means, take my word for it when I say stay tuned for more info.

The series was produced by Austin Herring and stars co-creator Desiree Abeyta, along with Frank Rautenbach, Rebecca Honett, John T. Woods and Jeremy Lawson.

PULSE (The Series) Teaser from chatonjolie on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The New Trailer For THE LONE RANGER Is Online

Actor Armie Hammer, best known for his dual appearance as the Winklevoss Twins in THE SOCIAL NETWORK, is starring in Walt Disney Pictures' latest western action adventure release of THE LONE RANGER. The film sees Hammer playing the Gore Verbinski-directed theatrical adaptation of the original WXYZ radio show character created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker in 1933, ending its run 21 years later with serials and further TV and fiom adaptations that followed.

Hammer shares the screen with actor Johnny Depp who plays Tonto. The film is Depp's fourth collaboration with Verbinski who shares such film credits as the PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN TRILOGY and the CGI-animated feature, RANGO. The film also stars David Fichtner, Tom Wilkinson, James Badge Dale, Helena Bonham Carter, Barry Pepper and Ruth Wilson.

Hammer is also slated to star in the upcoming production of Guy Ritchie's latest film adaptation, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. with actor Tom Cruise and Alicia Vikander.

Check out the latest trailer for THE LONE RANGER, out in theaters on July 23, 2013. And stay tuned to the blog for an upcoming interview I will be working on in the month ahead with one of the stuntwomen who worked on the film

From producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski, the filmmaking team behind the blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, comes Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer Films’ “The Lone Ranger,” a thrilling adventure infused with action and humor, in which the famed masked hero is brought to life through new eyes. Native American spirit warrior Tonto (Johnny Depp) recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid (Armie Hammer), a man of the law, into a legend of justice—taking the audience on a runaway train of epic surprises and humorous friction as the two unlikely heroes must learn to work together and fight against greed and corruption.

Reeves Attends Cannes To Promote MAN OF TAI CHI

Hot off the completion of post production for his latest martial arts film, MAN OF TAI CHI, Keanu Reeves made his directorial debut at the Cannes Film Festival this week where he discussed the film, his inspirations for directing the film, and his hopes for the film's success. Reeves also stars in the film as the main villain opposite actor and martial arts stunt performer Chen Hu (a.k.a. Tiger Chen) who stars in the film in his first-ever gig as the lead.

Reeves says “About four or five years ago I started to think about directing. My dictum was I would only direct if I had a story to tell and, having developed the script over this length of time, it became a story I wanted to tell and one I didn’t want anybody else to tell,” notes The Inquisitr via Total Film.

Take a look at some footage from the festival below.

The film marks Reeves' latest endeavor with Chen and super-duper busy action directing legend Master Yuen Woo-Ping since their work on the Wachowski Brothers' sci-fi blockbuster trilogy, THE MATRIX back between 1999 and 2003. July 5, 2013 is the scheduled China release date for the film, which also stars Karen Mok (So Close), Iko Uwais (The Raid: Redemption), Jeremy Marinas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Silvio Simac (D.O.A. Dead Or Alive), Steven Dasz (Iddaramayilatho) and Brahim Achabbakhe (Street Fighter: Legend Of Chun Li) and Ocean Hou (The Blood Bond). MAN OF TAI CHI is based on a screenplay by Michael G. Cooney and is a co-production from China Film Group, Wanda Group and Village Roadshow Pictures, with Universal Pictures distributing.

Martial Arts Movie Junkie has some new set photos available from the movie, courtesy of Film Smash, which you can view HERE. View the latest teaser footage below, and stay tuned for more info, and further trailer news.

New Poster Art For FAVELA Starring Michael Jai White

Bonafide martial arts action star Michael Jai White (Blood And Bone, Mortal Kombat Legacy: Season One) is taking 2013 by storm with the latest from director Ernie Barbarash (Assassination Games, 6 Bullets) titled FAVELA. White himself has recently stated his role in the film as one he has waited his entire career to play.

FAVELA - The first installment of our new FALCON action franchise. The franchise will revolve around former marine John "Falcon" Chapman, a dark anti-hero driven by guilt, who will destroy himself unless given something else to destroy - a useful weapon-of-last-resort for the foreign ministry. The first movie, FAVELA, sees Chapman traveling to Brazil to hunt down his sister's killers, in the process discovering an underground world of drugs, prostitution, and police corruption ruled by the Japanese mafia. Directed by Ernie Barbarash and starring Michael Jai White as Chapman, the franchise will produce 1-2 movies a year following Chapman as he is sent to exotic locations to do the foreign ministry's dirty work.

The film has earned high praise at this year's Cannes Film Festival where it is currently being represented for international sales by Moonstone Entertainment. FAVELA also stars Laila Ali and Neal McDonough, with fight choreography by Larnell Stovall (Undisputed 3, Bunraku)

Stay tuned for updates!

Logan Battles Tragedy, Mortality And Steel In The New Trailer For THE WOLVERINE

July 26, 2013 will see 20th Century Fox's release of director James Mangold's latest superhero installation, THE WOLVERINE, starring Hugh Jackman reprising his since long-adopted role in the X-MEN film saga. Svetlana Khodchenkova, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hal Yamanouchi, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima and Brian Tee round out the cast.

The official Youtube channel for the film has unveiled the new trailer, which fans will also be able to catch in front of this week's release of Fast And Furious 6. Click HERE if the embed fails to load.


Based on the celebrated comic book arc, The Wolverine finds Logan, the eternal warrior and outsider, in Japan where he falls in love with a woman whose hand is already promised to another. When he refuses to back down, her powerful crimelord father summons the Silver Samurai and other deadly threats in the X-Men universe to push Logan’s healing-factor to the limit in a deadly battle that will leave him forever changed.