Yoshua Sudarso Spoofs Superhero Dichotomy In The New Shortfilm, MOVIES VS. REAL LIFE: INVINCIBLE HERO

Ever wonder what superheroes really go through in real life? Well, actor and stuntman Yoshua Sudarso may have that answer for you in his latest lead role in Movies Vs. Real Life: Invincible Hero. The shortfilm is the latest from director and editor Casey Chan, and content creators Bart Kwan and Joe Jo over at Just Kidding Films, and to be honest, judging somewhat by the poster, I wouldn't blame you if this actually turned out to be something slightly more spectacular.

Alas, the comedy here is what's key, and Kwan, Jo and Chan have done a pretty fine job utilizing Sudarso for his talents. Sudarso has also partaken in several other projects this year, with indie filmmaker Vlad Rimburg, and the folks over at Robot Underdog to name a few, and you can expect to hear about these projects and more in the coming year.

In the meantime, watch "Red Velvet" in action, with Sudarso and Jo, along with actors Peter Adrian Sudarso, Dmitrious Bistrevsky, Geran Simpson, Jonathan Wong and Joshua Osei. And feel free to open the description where you can find tons more content, contact info, and links to subscribe to Just Kidding Films for even more laughs!


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