The Final Battle Between Ranger And Outlaw Begins In FROM MAN TO MAN (Da Uomo a Uomo)

I feel like I must have covered LBP Stunts Chicago a lot this year. Aside from what seems to have been a flourishing year for multifaceted stuntman and independent filmmaker Emmanuel Manzanres, it was only two days ago that I covered two of the team's members, Nate Hitpas and Keith Min in seperate pieces.

Now, just three days later, we are back with another collaborative piece from our director, which he wrapped up during his time in California, newly releasing his latest short, From Man To Man - Da Uomo a Uomo: Volume 2. Two years in the making, the shortfilm follows up Manzanares' own visionary concept illustrating kung fu action in a western setting featuring actors, Thousand Pounds' own Vonzell Carter and LBP's own Brendon Huor in parallel battles that ultimately lead to their final one-on-one confrontation, inspired by the aesthetic presented in Zhang Yimou's Hero with legends Jet Li and Donnie Yen.

Manzanres has done some amazing work this year, in addition to his recent television work in Chicago PD and Chicago Fire, and performing stunts with fellow LBP members under action director J.J. Perry in helmer Neil Burger's upcoming sci-fi adventure, Divergent. And if you are just now catching onto LBP and what they are all about, you can check out the tags at the bottom of the article.

Manzanares also set to appear in the upcoming indie all star production of Unlucky Stars going into the new year, which has already been a really long wait that fans continue to hope will end soon.

Stay tuned for more information as it trickles, and for your enjoyment, check out both volumes below for From Man To Man - Da Uomo a Uomo in the embeds below.

Also starring are Jeffrey Griffith, LBP's own Alex Hashioka and Martial Club team performer, actor Andy Le.

From Man to Man (Da Uomo a Uomo) Vol. 1 from LBP Stunts Chicago on Vimeo.



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