Ray Sahetapy Will Blow You Away In The Latest Trailer For PUKULAN MAUT

We may have The Raid 2: Berandal making its simultaneous release in Indonesia and North America this March. But Indonesia's world of filmmaking proves itself to be fresh and bustling with other new action titles headed to local domestic theaters with further notoriety to come, such as the latest production from My Dream Pictures and BIC Productions titled Pukulan Maut.

Directed by Nayato Fio Nuala from a script by Alexander Harry, the latest martial arts action crime gem centers around the intersecting troubled lives of three friends who escape a psychiatric facility only to discover a body and a suitcase full of cash, and a gang of killers led by its owner likely in search of it. The cast is headlined by Maxime Boutier, Kaemita, Monique Henry, Krisna M. Wibowo and Munajat Raditya, with action star Sunny Pang and actor Ray Sahetapy - the latter who you might recognize as the main antagonist in the 2011 blockbuster, The Raid.

Pukulan Maut, which suitably translates to its tasty English title, Death Blow, makes its run in the Indonesian film circuit beginning January 9, 2014. And as a noteworthy mention, Pang fans can expect to see the actor in Singapore's first ever stellar crime thriller, Re:solve, which you can take a look at HERE.

Check out the trailer for Pukulan Maut below and stay tuned for more info as it trickles.


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