Weapons Clash As One Man Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice For Justice In The New LBP Short INTERPRETATION

Saturday night saw the latest online release of a new shortfilm from the folks at LBP Stunts Chicago titled Interpretation. Written, edited, choreographed and directed by independent action filmmaker Emmanuel Manzanares, Interpretation was filmed in early October through last Thursday with LBP member, actor and martial arts performer Nate Hitpas who has been featured in a few other action packed test fight clips in recent weeks in front of the camera, as well as behind it.

Also starring is actor and stuntman Mike Fierro who has also been doing stuntwork for several years, in addition to recently completing work for director Neil Burger's upcoming science fiction action thriller, Divergent alongside Manzanares, who says Fierro has always wanted to try to do a fight of his own. It is with this that Manzanares incorporated an idea he originally had with the opportunity to share a little bit more of what Fierro can do to contribute to LBP's usual flair for high caliber martial arts choreography and urban action. And from the looks of it, I'd say Fierro's got plenty to offer if he continues, how ever which way you choose to...well...interpret it.

Check out the full short film in the embed below where you can also subscribe to the LBP Stunts Chicago official YouTube channel for more riveting and new action-packed content to come.


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