The Zombie Apocalypse Is Abound In New Webseries Trailer For HIDDEN PEAKS

Just in time for Halloween, the creative minds behind the early 2013 indie action Girls With Guns martial arts comedy short, Hit Girls have switched gears with their new digital sci-fi action horror webseries, Hidden Peaks. The new webseries began production in early 2012 from a story and screenplay from lead actor Laurent Boiteux who takes you in a world flooded in deapair, where the guns are big, but the screams get bigger, and only a handful of armed survivors must solve the mystery behind this new age of darkness, if they can stay alive long enough.

The official first teaser aired on the Fideo Films YouTube channel in November of last year, then joined earlier this year by a two behind the scenes featurettes in March and April with the cast and crew, including cinematographer/producer, Justin Gong. A second trailer was posted online this week, which you can view at the bottom of the page with links to the official website and Hidden Peaks Facebook page.

The independently funded series is edited and directed by Adrian Castro who also produced with Maria Tran. Also starring are Tamara Guo, Robin Queree, Clariza Vicente, Jonathan Lee Jones, Joe Le and Jasmine Sutton.

Hidden Peaks is a digital series that takes viewers through a first-person experience through the eyes of two characters on a struggling and dangerous journey in a world shrouded with evil and terror. Survival is a must, but in this scenario it's never easy. 
Eliza (Tamara Guo) finds herself dropped into this dark world with no memory of how she came by. She comes across these creatures called the 'Reapers', hungry and sick beings that thrive on human flesh. In her run, she bumps into Jarred (Laurent Boiteux), a survivor who has been fighting these beings for some years. Jarred offers a firm helping hand and together Eliza finds out more of the true meaning of fear. Death lurks everywhere, and they will have to work together to stay alive. 
However, there's more to this world than meets the eye. Many will die, and only a handful of the strongest may have any chance to survive. Question is... will they? 
Where can you run, when there's no where to hide?


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