Shawn Baichoo Takes No Prisoners In The New Shortfilm, THE PUNISHER: NO MERCY

After releasing their first teaser in May and circulating through this summer's film festival circuit, the Montreal-based independent action film group, The Kombat Krew, unveiled their new Marvel short fan film, The Punisher: No Mercy. Directed by independent filmmaker, co-producer/writer J. Ambrus, the shortfilm was shot between October and November 2012 for 3.5 non-consecutive shooting days with actor, indie action star and stunt coordinator, Shawn Baichoo in a unique portrayal of the Marvel character opposite actors James Malloch and Giancarlo Caltabiano.

The short film also stars actress and martial arts perfomer Amber Goldfarb in the role of fellow Marvel anti-heroine in red, Elektra, which for Baichoo was, as he explains, a particular casting choice waiting to happen over the last several years. "Amber and I knew each other vaguely from theatre school (she graduated a few years after me), but I got to know her when we worked on Assassin's Creed II together. Appropriately enough, I was designing a fight for it and she was the actress cast to kick some ass. After that we started training together and doing small projects and became good friends, and so when the idea for PNM came up, I thought she'd be a shoe-in for Elektra. In fact, we wrote in Elektra because of her, not the other way around (i.e. writing the part and then trying to cast it)!"

Baichoo and I later chatted on a mildly controversial topic as of recent surrounding famous superheroes and casting choices for movies, a subject we proceeded after discussing his own experimental creative measures for playing Frank Castle. As far as criticisms go, Baichoo has already garnered a lot of praise for his approach toward the role, including the overall look and narration that takes place. In contrast, he also recognizes some criticisms from hardcore fans over the issue of Baichoo playing a bald emulation of the beloved skull-wearing ass kicker. However, he makes no apologies in his illustration of the character, and continues to focus on the upsides to presenting a different type of image for the role, including one in particular. "One of the ups of having a bald Punisher (Baldisher?) is that my head almost looks skull-like in some shots, adding to the menace and symbolism I find." he says. "I see Frank as a force of nature, an angel of death. He's barely human any more. That gets a bit lost when he looks like some young handsome man with a neat little haircut."

Baichoo has plans to follow up The Punisher: No Mercy in later projects, provided the viewing numbers are good, in addition to other superhero projects. So feel free to check it out in the embed below, and follow Baichoo on twitter @ShawnBaichoo for more exciting content in the months ahead.

You can also find Twitter and Facebook links to subscribe to the shortfilm in the YouTube description.

Expect no deals, no compromises and no mercy in this fan-adaptation of Marvel's foremost anti-hero, The Punisher! In "The Punisher: No Mercy" Frank Castle pursues his dark crusade of brutal justice against criminals who prey on the innocent. They may think they're above the law, and they may be right, but they're not above punishment, they're not above HIM.


  1. Man, talk about shitty acting, cheap looking costumes, a fake looking set, air soft weapons, bad lighting and editing. At times we only see half of the characters on screen where they get cutoff and the camera shakes. This seems to have a budget lower than an episode of Alf (and it shows) and it takes itself way too seriously. I don't remember the Punisher ever being a skinny bald Vin Diesel lookalike (the fact that cosplay fans go too far more lengths to look like the characters they've dressed up as is pretty sad when compared to this guy), or being enemies with Elektra (why is she even there in the first place?), and throwing lame predictable high school death threats at each other.

    Comic book writer Garth Ennis never resorted to this type level of writing when he wrote them in 2003. He didn't resort to them trying to out tough each other. Hell, the fake looking Punisher was getting his ass handed to him by a dumbass punk for a second there. The cheap looking fight between the Punisher and Elektra seems to only be there just for the sake of it. Because we can't have two known comic book characters on screen together without a meaningless fight scene...

    If this is the Punisher...
    Then where's his black slicked back hair?
    Where are his muscles? (he's 6'2 and 200 lbs)
    Where's his body armor?
    Where's all his weapons and combat gear?
    Where's his military style training when it comes to moving around and firing a gun? Because this is just a half ass attempt at that. Pretty unprofessional from someone who's suppose to be a military veteran. Baichoo was not a very convincing Punisher here in the slightest, his expressions look dumb and his acting, which sounds like a Karl Urban's impression of Dredd, is just awful.

    The main problem with this is from most of the people who worked on it. Looking at Behind the Scenes on Youtube, you can clearly see there just a bunch of fan boys who think too much of themselves and they can't get past all there idiotic teenage like nostalgia they have for this character. This was clearly made for mindless teens and 20 year olds.

    There's nothing that this guy has done that impresses me at all. He and the rest clearly needs a lot more practice in filming, lighting, editing, writing, and acting. He needs to know when to be in front of the camera and when to take himself off. He should have done the smart thing and hired a writer or writers who have more experience at this type of storytelling and someone who looked more like the character. Instead he just thinks he can do it all himself... he clearly can't.

    1. You sound like a bit of an asshole, 1290ad. Thanks for watching.

  2. Come on now Jason A., there's no need for name calling! 1290ad is clearly a well-educated cinephile with a deep knowledge and understanding of the finer points of filmmaking, choreography, comic books, writing, editing, acting and production (I also think he was one of the producers on the beloved TV show ALF). You can't fault the guy for telling it like it is. We obviously failed utterly in producing something of ANY value whatsoever, and he was brave enough to step forward and call us on our bullshit. I, for one, applaud his bravery!
    Far too many people have lied to us, telling us they loved the film, loved the essence of the character, the fights, the narration, etc. When Gerry Conway (the creator of The Punisher) wrote to us to tell us he really enjoyed our film, I always suspected he was full of shit. Now we know for sure. 1290ad has shed the light of truth on the LIE we're propagating. Still don't believe me Jason A.?
    Check out these FACTS (courtesy of 1290ad's courteous yet incisive and well-worded message):
    -The Punisher has hair. I don't have hair. The Punisher's hair is a core factor of the character, and very important to his crime-fighting (also, people never shave their heads, ever). Therefore, this portrayal is bullshit.
    -The Punisher is 6'2" and 200 lbs. I am 5'10" and 165 lbs. We're not the same height OR weight. You can only be a vigilante who mostly uses guns and advanced combat training to take out his enemies if you're over 6' tall. Therefore, this portrayal is bullshit.
    -The Punisher sometimes wears body armour. Sometimes he doesn't (grey spandex suit anyone?). 1290ad clearly thought fake Punisher should have been wearing body armour. No one in production thought to check with him first. Therefore, this portrayal is bullshit.
    -The Punisher usually carries assault rifles, shoguns, pistols, knives, grenades, and various other weapons. In our shitty film, he only carries an assault rifle, a shotgun, a pistol, a knife and a grenade (no other weapons). Therefore, our portrayal is bullshit.

    Furthermore, he actually took the time to constructively criticize all the aspects that are lacking in our film. These are things we can all learn and grow from.
    For my part, I will endeavour to take his insightful advice to heart, and promise to do the following:
    -Stop making fan-films that don't meet the exact expectations of random people I've never met
    -I will quit acting in television, film and commercials, as my expressions look dumb and my acting is just awful. I'll call my agent and tell her to stop accepting booking for all the work I've been getting these past years. No one needs to see my dumb expressions.
    -I will quit working as a voice actor in video games like Assassin's Creed, Watch_Dogs and Deus Ex, as it's been pointed out (rather accurately, I might add) that I sound like a bad imitation of Shawn imitating Punisher imitating Karl Urban imitating Dredd imitating Punisher. No one should have to listen to that.
    -Just to be safe, I'll also quit my hugely successful career in fight choreography, motion capture, stunt fighting, theatre, teaching, coaching, consulting, and related activities, just to be safe. As 1290ad so eloquently pointed out (and I truly do believe he speaks for the masses), nothing I have done has impressed him at all. I can't keep living with that notion. I mean, for God's sake the ENTIRE REASON I became an actor was to impress 1290ad. If I've failed at that... then he's right, I should have spent tens of thousands of dollars to hire all the 'right' people to make the movie HE wanted to see, as opposed to doing a fun project with a bunch of friends to pay homage to a character we all love.

  3. 1290ad obviously paid a lot of money to see our film, Jason A., and now he's pissed that he'll never get that money (or 18 minutes. 18 WHOLE MINUTES!!) back. So don't call him an asshole.
    Someone also obviously held a gun to his head and forced him to watch all of our making-of videos, and that has to be pretty traumatizing too. So I don't blame him for being a little harsh. He's only trying to help, dude.

    And I mean, can you imagine if he was some kind of troll?? Instead of an honest, straightforward, truth-telling filmmaker (he's definitely a filmmaker with many successful films of his own under his belt to be able to so accurately dissect where we went wrong) with perfect grammar? Man, THAT would be harsh.

    So next time you feel like tearing someone down, Jason A., start by looking at yourself.
    And pray that someone like 1290ad is there to put you back on the right path.
    I will leave you to ponder my thoughts, and with these wise words from 1290ad (forgiveness for paraphrasing you, good sir):

    "If you can't do something that meets the expectations of random entitled douchebags on the net, don't try."

    Words to live by.
    (and thanks for watching 1290ad! You're awesome!)

  4. Wow, Shawn, your brave and intelligent defence of 1290ad, I mean MR. 1290ad has completely changed my outlook on things. I'm kind of re-thinking my whole life right now actually. I think I'm going to quit making films too, I clearly don't have that "it" factor despite still possessing a thick, black head of hair (that I sometimes slick back), being an inch-shy of 6-feet, and weighing in at an impressive 215 pounds.

    No, you've convinced me, there is simply no point to anything at all now that we failed to impress 1290ad with our pathetic fan film. Please let me family know that I tried.



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