Rileah Vanderbilt Battles Monsters And Henchmen In A New WONDER WOMAN Shortfilm

Delivered with almost the same aesthetic seen in Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel, director Sam Balcomb shares his own vision of the iconic DC Comics superheroine, Wonder Woman, in a new two-minute shortfilm shot and released this year with Grayson: Earth One actress Rileah Vanderbilt. While one of just several internet gems to go online illuatrating the superhuman Amazonian warrioress in recent years, Balcomb's latest work (accompanied by the action team that brought you the award-winning shortfilm, Kill Shelter) could not have come at a better time, considering recent casting rumors surrounding Snyder's upcoming follow-up, Batman vs. Superman, with Henry Cavill returning opposite actor Ben Affleck's inheritance of Christian Bale's former role.

Well, as it stands, one can only hope. Rumors are a damper when debunked, and we are long overdue for a live-action Wonder Woman movie on the big screen, standalone or otherwise.

Wake up WB! The internet is calling!


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