From Villain To Hero: Eiji Wentz Stars In THE TIGER MASK

You know what is so crazy and exciting about Japanese trailers for most movies? It's that no matter how long or short the footage is, you just know its going to be epic. The same goes for filmmaker Ken Ochiai's upcoming Japan-wide November release of Ge-ge-ge-no Kitaro, otherwise known as The Tiger Mask.

The film, adapted for the screen by Hidehiro Ito, Itaru Era, Micael W. Schock and co-writer/director Ken Ochiai, is inspired by the shonen manga novel by Ikki Kajiwara and Naoki Tsuji, which earned its popularity from 1968 and onward as both a graphic novel and an animated series thereafter. The original story follows a highly feared and viciously skilled heel wrestler who changes his tune and chooses to become a symbol of heroism after a young boy approaches him and expresses that he wanted to be just as villainous as he was in the ring. The upcoming film, which was originally slated for release last year, features our hero who earns the ire of an evil wrestling organization after he donates their money to an orphanage.

The Tiger Mask stars Eiji Wentz, Natsuna and Sho Aikiwa, and will first make its way to the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal this July.


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