The New Teaser For JUSTICIA PROPIA Shows Argentina Knows Action

The guys over at Stunt Fighter Producciones have been quite busy within the past year working on a goregously explosive martial arts action crime thriller straight from the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina called JUSTICIA PROPIA from director Sergio Mastroberti.

With post production still on-going, in addition to a few more trailers on the way prior to the film's release, a new teaser is online. And it is chock-full-o-action, pure grit, adrenaline-induced fight sequences, and explosions.... explosions everywhere!.

Actor Juan Manuel Olmedo who stars as the lead, also served as producer, stunt coordinator and fight choreographer for the film. I will have a lot more work in between now and the next few months as the year progresses, but I will be looking forward to talking to Juan in the hopeful near future to discuss the film, his career and the future of Stunt Fighter Producciones.

In the meantime, check out the premise below, and the first footage from the film!

Diego Ponce (Juan Manuel Olmedo) is an experimented special force agent, who was always in charge of the most dangerous and difficult missions, such as hostage situations, counterterrorism, infiltration, etc.

When a problem cannot be solved with the conventional ways, he was used as a last resort.

After many years of service at the Triple Frontier, Diego returns to his quiet city, wanting to get away from everything that caused him painful experiences, and also to meet again his family: his sister Graciela, his brother-in-law Eduardo and his niece Silvana who loves as she were his daughter.

Upon reaching his neighborhood, he starts serving with the Local Commissioner (Bicho Gómez) who immediately has to deal with him and his background experience.

On the birthday of her niece, on the same night of joy at the reencounter, Silvina is murdered.

Eduardo, full of pain, and knowing the skills of his brother-in-law, asks him to find those responsible without leaving any one alive, whatever it costs...

Diego, wrapped in fury, begins a relentless hunt. In his search, he begins to uncover a vast network of corruption and drug trafficking, where no one is clean.

Determined to discover the murderers of his niece, Diego faces a terrible truth...

"Own Righteousness" is an action thriller, suspense and martial arts film, with constant adrenaline and breakneck pace. Directed by Sergio Mastroberti and starring Juan Manuel Olmedo, it was shooted on locations in San Martin and Caseros (Buenos Aires province).

Olmedo and Mastroberti are seeking to give birth to the genre action / martial arts with national seal. To achieve this, they joined STUNT FIGHTERS trained by the protagonist of the film and also they joined to several of the best martial artists in the country.There are two ways to do action movies.

"Own Righteousness", will show you his own...

Click HERE to view the teaser directly on Youtube.


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