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THE HIT LIST: April 24, 2017

Well, I spent most of my weekend relaxing as much as possible after covering what I could on Saturday. That includes my second interview with actor/producer/director Alexander Nevsky which you can check out here...

...on top of covering this week's picks and entries for the Hit List now online and ready to go with a stunt reel playlist that brings us Luis Vallardes, John Cihangir, Amanda Voll, Don Gough, Jonathan Nickerson, Kyle Glenn, Ellette Craddock, Hans Marrero and an updated new stunt reel by Patrick King. Rounding out thd playlist is actor and martial artist, the one and only Gary Daniels with a tribute reel from last month by Tony Coates!

There isn't much to tease this week except two items: First, we now have an image which you can view below courtesy of filmmaker Trent Dickens, hard at work with the current production of crowdfunded shortfilm, Panda - basically the story of one guy's trippy night out, ensuing in one big, violent, dilapidated, drunken, high, fk…

KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE Ups The Ante In The First Official Teaser Trailer

Following suit from its graphic novel roots in 2015, Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman: The Secret Service offered a feasible entrée of stimulating spy lore with actor Taron Egerton front and center. It piled on with all sorts of secret agent tropes and wit, intrigue, comedy and mystery, bookended by solid action and with one of the most memorable displays of violent cinematic action one could endulge.
We also got characters we could sympathize with, further drawing in the interest of where our story would go for those of us unengaged with the initial source material. Well, in the good standing of fans and with the intention to selling the hell out of tickets come this Fall, our select cast members have returned with a roster of new faces for Vaughn's latest sequel offering with Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and the first official teaser trailer is here as of late Monday. “Kingsman: The Secret Service" introduced the world to Kingsman - an independent, international intelligence age…

AJIN: DEMI-HUMAN: Satoh Takeru Awakens To Terror In The First Action-Packed Teaser For The Live-Action Adaptation

Sakurai Gaimon's 2012 sci-fi action horror manga publication, Ajin: Demi Human, has a lot to its current story arsenal. How Bayside Shakedown film series and Shaolin Girl helmer Motohiro Katsuyuki is weaving it all together for its forthcoming feature film adaptation remains to be seen but right now, the teaser is something that needs to be seen to be believed, because it's looks too awesome.
For the unengaged, however, take into mind the presence of actor Satoh Takeru, known prolifically for helping bring to life Otomo Keishi's Rurouni Kenshin trilogy, now staking his claim as medical intern Nagai Kei, who is stricken by a car and presumably killed until he wakes up almost immediately and discovers himself to be one of many unknown hosts of an inexplicable translucent entity known as Ajin, mysterious creatures who have already made grim headlines around the world.
Imbued with untested, supernatural abilities - including possible immortality, it's a grim twist that ul…

OPERATION MEKONG Announces Its U.S. Summer Release!

Acclaimed director Dante Lam's 2016 action thriller, Operation Mekong, was not without it's share of interesting dialogue regarding its subject matter. Its ripped-from-the-headlines narrative centered on the 2011 incident that occurred along the Mekong river involving a criminal drug ring in Myanmar, otherwose serving as the premise for another hopeful entertaining hit at the box office.
And so it was as it became one of the highest grossing films in China at the time, and with North America in its sites, the film has officially landed at its new home at Well Go USA. Release dates are announced for May 2 on Digital HD, and on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack & DVD on June 6 with the artwork seen just below.
PLANO, TEXAS. (April 24, 2017) – “… for action film buffs, Christmas has come early” (Edmund Lee, South China Morning Post) when members of an international task force seek justice against the leader of an Asian drug cartel and his murderous henchmen in the action-packed thrille…

Untitled Statham/Chasman Action Project Gets A Title

It's been a year and a half since we last heard on action star Jason Statham's prior attachment to a Hong Kong action film project. Given whatever may likely have changed or still may, gladly it still appears to be active by way of Road Pictures's newly announced production slate which lists a variety of titles in different genres slated for televised and theatrical production and release according to Screendaily.

That report now includes Straw, the title of said thriller currently being scripted by Kurt Wimmer which last had Statham written to play an ex-pat in Hong Kong joined by a female high-level Chinese operative to solve a kidnapping case with global implications. Statham and Chasman are still reportedly producing through their SJ banner with Road also involved.
Production was set for last Fall but should likely advance with the title still in circulation in the news. At any rate, fans still have plenty to look forward to with a forthcoming Fast And Furious spin-of…

Sono Sion's TOKYO VAMPIRE HOTEL To Unleash Hell This Summer For Amazon Prime In Japan

Amazon Prime Video subscribers in Japan can set the date for June 16 when intriguing film favorite, Why Don't You Play In Hell? and Tokyo Tribe helmer Sono Sion's latest original serial offering, Tokyo Vampire Hotel is broadcast live with all nine episodes. The official trailer also went live on Sunday which you can view just above and with its virility, the reactions online thusfar seem to be greatly approving.
The series follows Sono's protégé, actress Tomite Ami in the role of Manami, a young woman targeted amid Earth's takeover of the evil Corvin vampire tribe on the eve of her 22nd birthday. Upon her rescue by a mysterious and extraordinary heroine named K (Kaho) and with mankind's destruction looming, the epic story continues with a ragtag grouping of young men and women, some on a dating retreat, now trapped inside the lush Hotel Requiem whose eerie management promise safe haven from outside as long as their newfound prisoners continue to procreate more human…

THE MAJOR SALUTES: Catching Up With Actor And Filmmaker Alexander Nevsky

In case you're just tuning in, I've kind of been on a roll in the past week or more with interviews and largely due to the cast of the upcoming crime thriller, Black Rose. With the film less than a week away from its release, I've interviewed co-stars Matthias Hues and Kristanna Loken, and as of today, a new interview with its star and director, Alexander Nevsky in this following our interview last year in January.

He's got more films lined up and he discusses them accordingly as well in the text beneath, in addition to plans for a new book now well on the way to publication for health and fitness aficionados. Interestingly, he also hints at some possible prospects for the character he plays and that of others in the murder mystery millieu within Black Rose; you can read our latest review by clicking here while I humbly invite you to check out the previous interviews linked above with Hues, and especially Loken who delves considerably into her own involvement and inve…

GINTAMA Teases Origins, Heroes And Villains In A Brand New Live-Action Movie Teaser!

Warner Bros. Japan has had quite the full plate on its hands with several adaptations this year, one such being the upcoming release of director Fukuda Yuichi's treatment of Sorachi Hideaki's popular manga property, Gintama. If you're not at all familiar with the Shonen Jump publication, it does comes highly recommended by fans and especially those keen on the current-running anime who are now waiting the upcoming final season.
With that in mind, we now have our aforementioned Hentai Kamen 1 and 2 helmer's take om the property which has actor Oguri Shun spearheading our wacky sci-fi period action comedy set in an alternate Edo period in Japan where aliens have colonized, the samurai are obsolete, and extremist forces await their chance to seize control. For this, the latest short teaser has arrived with ample new footage following the first in December, further iterating the events from the top of the story right through to the Benizakura Arc with Oguri facing off with…

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....This handshake.

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...This, on the set of Jesse Johnson's new movie, Triple Threat. Revel in it, kids!

The Last Four Of James Cameron's AVATAR Pentalogy Land Four Official Release Dates Starting In 2020

Imagine a sequel so epic that it took more than a decade to make happen...
...If you're thinking Universal Soldier: Regeneration, I like how your mind works. This bit of filmlore, however, goes in the direction of fantasy visionary James Cameron in the wake of his 2009 action adventure, Avatar, a film so nice it was released twice and with earnings of up to nearly $2.8 billion dollars.
That's a fat chunk of change for 20th Century Fox and I'm sure they're more than grateful at this juncture, and even moreso determined to make the next four movies the best of the bunch. And even better, they all now all have dates courtesy of the latest official Facebook update! Great to be working with the best team in the business! Avatar takes flight as we begin concurrent production on four sequels. The journey continues December 18, 2020, December 17, 2021, December 20, 2024 and December 19, 2025! Actor Sam Worthington is expected to reprise his role as Jake Sully following the eve…