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Review: BEYOND SKYLINE Is The Sequel Sci-Fi Fandom Needs

The Greg and Colin Strause-directed, independent 2010 critical sci-fi flop, Skyline, left a huge enough dent in box office earnings to warrant some wiggle room for a sequel. Enter Liam O'Donnell, having worked his way up from VFX work on several projects, as well as co-scripting and producing the first film and now sets his sights with a sequel as his directorial debut in Beyond Skyline - a film that by some accounts probably wasn't expected to happen or even supposed to. It had been four years since the first film and so no one would see an announcement up until 2014, surprising everyone curious and keen, and not for nothing either.
The added touch of throwing in people like Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian would certainly pepper the hype up to a certain degree for fans fond of their work on Merantau, The Raid and it's sequel; The mere thought of seeing the two for nothing short of an eyeblink in 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens would be enough to ensue an outcry a year l…

ON THE RUN: Hitman Comedy Sets Kevin Hart To Star

Time will tell whether or not we learn more on any hopes for a third installment for the Ride Along franchise that began in 2014. Until then, Jumanji actor Kevin Hart will be seen starring from an action comedy pitch by Aeysha Carr titled On The Run which will reunite Hart with Will Packer in a producing capacity while a director remains pending.
As Deadline reported on Wednesday, Carr's script will see Hart in the role of a hitman whose assignment botches when he learns his target isn't who he expects. The film marks the latest partnership between Hart and Packer since Ride Along the Think Like A Man franchises; Hart's Hartbeat Productions is producing next to Packer's Will Packer Productions.

WWII Actioner, PEACE, Now Underway For Enderby

Now filming is World War II action thriller, Peace, from Enderby Entertainment and director Robert Port. Legendary thesp Franco Nero has reportedly joined the film along with The Vampire Diaries series actor Chris Brochu following further exclusive news from Deadline earlier this month hailing actors Alexander Ludwig and Sam Keeley to star in the adaptation of Richard Bausch's 2008 novel.
Via Penguin Random House: Italy, near Cassino, in the terrible winter of 1944. An icy rain, continuing unabated for days. Guided by a seventy-year-old Italian man in rope-soled shoes, three American soldiers are sent on a reconnaissance mission up the side of a steep hill that they discover, before very long, to be a mountain. As they climb, the old man’s indeterminate loyalties only add to the terror and confusion that engulf them. Peace is a feat of storytelling from one of America’s most acclaimed novelists: a powerful look at the corrosiveness of violence, the human cost of war, and the rede…

Review: THE THOUSAND FACES OF DUNJIA Masks Bad CG In The Veneer Of Feasible Light-Hearted Fantasy Adventure

Most cinephiles crow at the idea of any filmmaker reapproaching a film with the idea of remaking or rebooting it in some capacity. There's no arguing, however, that there are definitely times when it serves the masses well and there are certainly some examples in that regard. For this, folks who've seen Yuen Woo-Ping's Miracle Fighters can best judge for themselves how his latest, The Thousand Faces Of Dunjia, bodes for its current delivery.
The movie is definitely not the remake it was initially reported to be in earlier updates as much as both are their own films, although the two play in the same millieu with respect to wuxia and sorcery. It was Yuen who himself stated he aimed at redefining wuxia with this particular project along with the help of longtime cohort Tsui Hark producing and writing. Rather, it is worth suggesting the film settles for slightly less expectations despite such ambitions, as there's only so much you can achieve with continually questionable…

FIVE-A-DAY ROUND-UP VIII: Blood Hunters, The Gate, Black Site, Insight, Vengeance

It took a while to get good grip on what was happening with director, actor and martial artist Vincent Soberano with Blood Hunters: Rise Of The Hybrids. At long last however, Soberano has affirmed his stake in cinema with at least one other project along the way while in the meantime, the aforementioned new action horror already has a first teaser trailer sampling a bit of the narrative inspired by Filipino folklore. Soberano is joined by Sarah Chang, Monsour Del Rosario and Mayling Ng for the story of a tactical unit set to hunt down the Queen of the Aswang. That's all we have for now while this years first teaser should be enough of a reminder until further notice

I want to believe that The Gate is still a thing that exists. Talk of a feature film still sits on the back of my mind following a rousing directing effort from Kellie Madision whose 2016 proof-of-concept DEFINITELY proved the hell out of itself. It samples the tale of an supernatural MMA fighter who sets out to rescu…

THE PUNISHER Lands A Second Season On Netflix

Netflix's release of the Jon Bernthal-headlining comic book series adaptation, The Punisher, wasn't met with complete praise. Nevertheless, the series did what it meant to do and in my own view, I see it as an achievement on all fronts.

A lot of the complaints I noticed had to do with how slow it was between certain episodes. I chalk this up mostly to people who need to be instantly gratified which is the wrong mindset to have when you're building a series of arcs and a set of complex and interesting characters topped off by its title actor, and I absolutely LOVE how well it was done.
Granted, there is a point made in the often strenuous storytelling process in some shows but it depends on how it gets handled, and the Marvel shows, especially, are prone to their own critiques on the matter. At any rate though, the first season of The Punisher pretty much won me over, and I'm also pleased to be part of the crowd that has supported this series. It deserves the life it …

BRIGHT Shines Online With An Action-Packed New Trailer

David Ayer's latest fantasy crime thriller, Bright, is already full-speed ahead with its campaign until releasing on Netflix next week. We now have a third trailer to take a gander at in the days since starring actor Will Smith got a whole bunch of same-named fans to send clips of themselves for a montage also now online.
Set in an alternate present-day where humans, orcs, elves, and fairies have been co-existing since the beginning of time. Bright is genre-bending action movie that follows two cops from very different backgrounds. Ward (Will Smith) and Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), embark on a routine patrol night and encounter a darkness that will ultimately alter the future and their world as they know it. I won't share that montage here, but the trailer is what it's about and ripe with more fantasy easter eggs and mythos introducing the hybrid world from Ayers and screenwriter Max Landis. Smith and Edgerton star along with Noomi Rapace, Lucy Fry, Edgar Ramirez, Margaret Cho …

KILL ORDER Unleashes Martial Arts Mayhem In The Official Trailer

Chances are if you've attended any film festival events in Canada or New York City in the past month or so, you might have spied an eye on James Mark's directorial debut, Kill Order which rolls out on February 6, 2018. The film, currently one of our Five-A-Day entries for 2018, has had a lengthy road to its existence of late and now bears the fruits of several noteworthy reviews circulating online including our own in hailing Mark's milestone achievement thusfar with brother, actor and stuntman Chris Mark also making his debut in a starring vehicle. Chaos erupts when a group of armed men break into a high school classroom. They target David, a quiet kid who secretly suffers from unexplained memories of a horrifying past. Tapping into a previously unknown strength, David fights off his attackers and goes on the run. With his life and the lives of his loved ones in jeopardy, David must master the use of his new superhuman strength and fighting skills to find the people respo…

FIVE-A-DAY ROUND-UP VII: Gintama 2, The Monkey King 3, Bleach, Inrang, Laughing Under The Clouds

Going into some more adaptations, I have at least five others in mind worth pointing out, one of which already might be in production given the recent announcement of Gintama 2. Little is known about the project which will have Fukuda Yuichi back at the helm advancing a follow-up to this year's live-actiom rendition of the Benizakura Arc in his 2017 film starring Oguri Shun, Kahsimoto Hanna and Masaki Suda; Well Go USA is releasing that one in the Spring on DVD and Blu-Ray while we await more info on the sequel and what it entails.

Chinese moviegoers will continue to endure their beloved folklore as seen on the big screen in time for the Chinese New Year release of The Monkey King 3: Kingdom Of Women. Aaron Kwok is back in the title role with William Feng as the monk Tang under director Soi Cheang who shepherds this latest chapter that now sees our heroes mitigating their newfound place in a self-sustaining kingdom of women and its stern leader. February 16, 2018 is the date whic…

CREED 2 Sets Stephen Caple Jr. To Direct

It was back in October that actor Sylvester Stallone, priming for a return to the screen with actor Michael B. Jordan for Creed II, announced he would direct. Fast forward to December this week on Monday as things appear to have switched gears with word that Stephen Caple Jr. would instead join the spin-off sequel at the helm.
Caple Jr., who has won several awards for feature and short film credits such as last year's The Land and 2014 fave, A Different Tree, will direct the film from a script by Stallone and Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker following the Winter 2015 hit helmed by Ryan Coogler who is currently in talks for an executive producer role. Most of the plot details are thin apart from Variety's reporting cited as follows: The upcoming installment follows Adonis Creed (Jordan)’s life inside and outside of the ring as he deals with new-found fame, issues with his family, and his continuing quest to become a champion. The report states that Stallone spoke with Jor…

KUNG FU STORY: 'Love' Trilogy Helmer Pang Ho-Cheung Announces New Martial Arts Trilogy

Some serious noise is being made this month at the International Film Festival and Awards in Macao where directors and producers are talking movies, as well as announcing and pitching concepts for necessary funding. In this instance, leave it to Vulgaria and Dream Home helmer Pang Ho-Cheung who had been partaking as a guest speaker for a masterclass at the festival.
For this, Variety is offering news on Kung Fu Story, a trilogy of martial arts titles which Pang will film back-to-back. The films are currently being backed by several companies with Bravos Pictures handling the films internationally per the news from Variety shared on Sunday evening where Pang scantly discusses explicit details about the project, but highlighs his own personal goals as a filmmaker as well as previous development and movement overall. Here are several excerpts: “Ever since childhood, I’ve always taken different paths. My most recent film, ‘Love off the Cuff,” was not a single-issue movie. (“Kung Fu Story”) …