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CALM IN THE EYE OF THE STORM: Actor And Filmmaker Choice Skinner On Life And Living, Fandom And Film

Making a film of any kind takes some seriously hard work, especially one that pushes boundaries. I've never been in an editing booth, although I can imagine the tediousness that comes with putting together a project that can be physically and mentally demanding on its face. Throw in the bread and butter of special visual effects and although your time is your own, you're ultimately on a whole other battlefield.
It's an emotion that's understandable for want of being a creative and to be able to share it with audiences. After all you've been through in life until now and investing a heavy portion of your time and energy on a project like Black Lightning: Tobias's Revenge, actor and filmmaker Choice Skinner is more than qualified on the matter after winning Best Fan Film at the Urban Action Showcase and Expo last November.

"The team and I were honored to have been selected and screened at such a prestigious event." says Skinner before giving praise to the…

Review: Award-Winning Shortfilm Thriller, AIMEE, Is A Call To Action

Almost thirty years in with a career in stunts and acting, Lee Whittaker has since taken the initiative into filmmaking with at least two shortfilm projects in his wake. His latest, Aimee, is already making the festival rounds for sometime now, and making a fantastic case for its circulation since debuting at the Hoboken International Film Festival last May and winning Best Dramatic Short at CENFLO last Fall.
The project takes its cues from the script of a current feature film hopeful that strongly invokes Whittaker's keen eye for kinetic story telling that still retains a sharpness in his desired aesthetic. Each scene is a brisk, fluid transition from one moment to the next that illustrates actress Amanda S. Hall in the already-immersed role of Jessica, an Afghanistan vet home from service and on a hard-hitting mission to rescue her sister from America's festering underworld of underage sex trafficking.
Jamie Timmoms recurs throughout in vivid, myriad images and scenes as th…

Netflix's THE OUTSIDER: Jared Leto Escalates The Yakuza Crime Wave In The Official Trailer

Anyone following director Miike Takashi's movement in the last several years eventually came across news of what would have been HIS take on post WWII yakuza crime tale, The Outsider. By 2013, it was financed and ready to roll cameras in the following year when Miike left as well as its chosen actor at the time and having since reshaped itself a few years later with Martin Zandvliet at the helm for lead actor Jared Leto, The Outsider is now a forthcoming reality with a March 9 release exclusively on Netflix.
The new period crime thriller sees Leto starring as a American solider imprisoned by the Japanese during World War 2. When he succeeds in escaping with the help of his Yakuza cellmate, his freedom lures him into the dangerous criminal underworld, leaving him obligated and in service of the Yakuza in order to earn their respect amd repay his debt. Bastille Day scribe Andrew Baldwin penned the script which joins Leto with a raft of talent listing Emile Hirsch and Ichi The Kille…

LIVERLEAF: Watch The Brand New Trailer For Naito's Psych Revenge Drama

Manga author Oshikiri Rensuke's Liverleaf is readying a theatrical release on April 7, and the first official trailer is now online. T-Joy is shepherding its Japan release with Nikkatsu representing the film internationally and so time will tell how long before we hear back on Litchi Hikari Club helmer Naito Eisuke's efforts. "In a snow-covered village, my family was burned to death..."Due to her father’s work, junior high school student Haruka Nozaki has had to move with her family to a rural town in Northern Japan. Transferred into a local school, she is treated as an outcast by the other students. Moreover, class bullies have turned her life into a living hell. Haruka’s only friend is Mitsuru Aiba, another transfer student. With him as her mental anchor, she does her best to tolerate the harassment that only seems to escalate as time goes by. One day Haruka and Mitsuru meet to do photography. While walking around the scenic, snowy town and taking pictures is perha…

YARDIE: Idris Elba's Directorial Debut Lands An Official Trailer

Several reviews are already online following actor Idris Elba's Sundance debut, Yardie, and his freshman effort at the helm has been a bit worse for wear. Some higher points note solid performances from the cast and Elba's notable grasp of filmmaking among others but time will tell if future reviews and opinions will foresee a change in direction.
Beyond that, the film is getting a European release later this year from StudioCanalUK based on Victor Headley's 1992 novel and for this, we finally have an official trailer making arounds. Aml Ameen, memorably known from the first season of Netflix series, Sense8, leads the narrative and from the footage shown, it certainly looks the part and sells like a proper coming-of-age crime thriller for curious cinephiles so I'm definitely curious to see how other crowds respond. Set in '70s Kingston and '80s Hackney, Yardie centres on the life of a young Jamaican man named D (Aml Ameen), who has never fully recovered from t…

Review: FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Is The Adaptation You Can Neither Completely Love Nor Hate

Far be it for me to complain when an anime or manga gets its rights obtained by a studio announcing a film adaptation. I accept almost any number of these announcements largely based on overall curiousness over caution - I'm a fan of anime, but I don't have a waifu and I don't fall to far into emtropy with geek discussions. I simply enjoy anime for what it is and if the films are good, then..well... good.
Then, the last ten years happened and my awareness expanded when a flood of ballyhoo began streaming for years and years over fandom weariness regarding Hollywood adaptations of anything, be it games, comics or even manga, and that's still the case. Whitewashing one cog that keeps this engine running, and by comparison, however, it's an even more curious instance in Asian territories where Asians comprise of local entertainment figures on a regular basis compared to foreigners, and so the worry is much less than in America.
It's...interesting if not slighty …

BAAGHI 2 Sees The Return Of A Rebel In The First Official Action-Packed Trailer

Actor and martial arts star Tiger Shroff is ready to follow up on the last five years he's spent making his foray into the indistry. The Munna Michael and Heropanti star is back and hitting harder and heavier these days with several projects in the making, and seemingly with an unmistakable effort to prove himself as India's answer to Rambo...

In at least one instance...literally, while seperately, we have the return of our star in Baaghi 2 following the 2016 hit film and readying a Spring release that sees Shroff back in action with the usual array of big kicks, explosive battles and stunts topped with Shroff's cinematic appeal. This, being the second of a trilogy in the works with Ahmed Khan following up on Sabbir Khan's work should service fans plentily from here on.
A battle-hardened army officer goes in search of his ex-lover’s child who is mysteriously kidnapped. Neha reaches out to the only person who can help her with her plight, Ronnie. He goes deep into the un…

Hasumi Eiichiro's OVER DRIVE Meet Your Need For Speed In The First Teaser

Hats off to Wild 7 and Mozu helmer Hasumi Eiichiro whose latest effort marks a nice looking return to the racing genre for Over Drive. Its latest teaser certainly aims high on the octane for a good sample with a release date currently set for June 1 with Higashide Masahiro (Sekigahara) and Mackenyu (Jojo's Bizzare Adventure) leading the narrative.
At the SCRS (Seiko Cup Rally Series), talented young drivers hope to advance to the WRC (World Rally Championship). Hiyama Atsuhiro is the chief mechanic and an engineer at Supika Racing Factory. He is well regarded by his peers. His younger brother is Naozumi. He is an extremely gifted driver for Supika Racing Factory, but he is also a troublemaker. They continually argue because of Naozumi's reckless racing style. One day, Endo Hikaru becomes his manager. Morikawa Aoi (Ninja The Monster) also stars along with Kitamura Takumi (Destruction Babies), Machida Keita (HiGH&LOW franchise) and Yoshida Kotaro (Teiichi: Battle Od Supreme H…

BLEACH: New Live-Action Teaser Footage Finally Introduces Ichigo's Heroine!

I wouldn't rest too long on actor Fukushi Sota if you're minding this year's intake of live-action manga fare. More footage is finally rolling out in the tiniest bits from his latest, Kubo Tite's BLEACH, hailing from director Sato Shinsuke of GANTZ and Library Wars fame and for that, we get a thirty-second glimpse of what last year's twenty-second teaser was all about.
Indeed, it's Fukushi reunited with Blade Of The Immortal co-star Sugisaki Hana re-enacting the pivotal moment in which a Ichigo, high school delinquent who can see ghosts is embued with supernatural powers by Rukia, a Soul Reaper injured from battling a "Hollow". That's the big creature meeting its demise and for an anime adaptation, there's a good chance this production did what it felt needed to make such a film happen, especially for a manga with fifteen years of source material...
Talk about playing it close to the chest. 
Expect more casting and more footage updates before…

DO[S]A: Don't Miss The Trailer For Ifa Ifansyah's Original Martial Arts Action Series Drama

Willing to take on the title of leading brand of Southeast Asian consumer entertainment, Malaysia-based Astro had been spreading its wings some with a number of filmmakers to develop projects. Celebrated Indonesian director, Ifa Isfansyah (The Golden Cane Warrior) and acclaimed screenwriter Salman Aristo (Yasmine) are just a few of those people in mind with DO[S]A, an original Malaysia-Indonesia collaboration featuring a strong that otherwise enables co-starring actor Cecep Arif Rahman to enhance some great fight action to top the drama. The story tells of three older brothers, Fuad (Ashraf Sinclair), Farid (Remy Ishak) and Fahad (Hisham Hamid)  raised through religion and martial arts, try to protect their headstrong sister, Fara (Shenty Feliziana) who has fallen for a man, Arian (Reuben Elishama) escaping the same underground organisation ‘Gerbang Utara’ that their father, Latif (Dato’ M. Nasir) had previously abandoned.Upon arriving in Jakarta, the group find their lives turned ups…

THE HIT LIST: February 19, 2018

Welp... it's been a less than ceremonious weekend for me. Being sick didn't help much for want of seeing Black Panther (guess who is avoiding Facebook to abstain from spoilers!), but it did give me a chance to do some important work for the site.

Ultimately, that includes introducing the week's entries for The Hit List now online and with none other than stuntwoman Tally Rodin getting our stunt playlist off to an explosive start. Following that are reels by Aidan Kennedy, Ronnie Shalvis, Nilo Ghajar-Williams, Thomas Lorber and a parkour jam sesh hosted by 3Run. Rounding it all out are Daniel Bodlák, Marco Falcone, Emily Tung, Jae Greene, Rebecca Ahn and Robin Calvo.

Making the trailer rounds this week we now have a look at an upcoming project over at the Lunar Stunts channel with Cabine Mortelle. Plot details are nil but the teaser itself is really all you need to figure it out as it somehow leads to some fantastic fight scenery among our cast listing Allen Quindiagan, Pa…